I read with interest the editorial on Sept. 17. Agnes blew in like a lion and overstayed her welcome. Saying we had a flood was an understatement! Many people lost much, but never faith in God or friends and neighbors. Being from the ‘flats,’ we were challenged by this flood. I remember standing in what used to be our kitchen and seeing the mud and muck left from settling water; my mother crying because of the destruction. And while furniture and rugs could be replaced, she was so upset by the water logged pictures, spreading them everywhere to dry – trying to save proof of our memories.

Some will remember Father Dan Dymski, then pastor at St. Michaels. He played an instrumental part in helping flood victims of DuBois receive federal aid. In gratitude, a collection was taken for him. He chose to have a statue erected to represent that the Blessed Mother had been watching over the area through the devastating storm. A statue was erected on Hamor Street, on a base representing how high the water was. She was a constant reminder; she watched over us and saved lives

Time goes on and changes occur. The property was sold, and the new owners asked the statue be removed. Few remember the meaning of that statue. Knowing the Blessed Mother needed moved tore at our heartstrings. With continued determination, and the city’s help, she found a new home on DuBois Street. That statue, although a piece of stone to some, is history to us. We will never forget its meaning or what it represents.

Agnes tried to break us, but we persevered, coming out stronger. We are glad Irma decided not to linger like her long ago relative and wish Godspeed to those in the path of her destruction. They too will persevere.

– Theresa Suplizio, Treasure Lake, DuBois

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