The Friday, Jan. 19, 2018, edition of the Courier Express has an article on page 3 regarding the TLPOA and board meetings being broadcast. The article began with the following: “The Treasure Lake Property Owners Association has been providing a live stream broadcast of work sessions and board meetings to interested property owners for the past few months. At the January work session, TLPOA general manager Shirley Elmore reported six people signed up for the live stream at the beginning, now there are four people signed up and currently two people are participating. She wanted to know if the directors believed this was worthwhile financially.” I am a property owner (Two lots and one home) who signed up for this broadcast. My main residence is 90 miles from Treasure Lake. The broadcast has never worked for me. I have an email trail covering all the failed attempts by the Treasure Lake IT staff trying to make the broadcasts work with a bunch of lame brained excuses. I truly believe that this infantile attempt into “broadcasting the meetings” was designed to fail from the get go. Ms. Elmore wants to know if it is worth it financially? The cost is micro minuscule in comparison to the thousand upon thousands of dollars spent on projects that have been flops. With over half of the assessment paying property owners in Treasure Lake not living there I have to ask, what has management done to notify these thousands of property owners of the broadcast? Property owners have a need to know what is happening at the Board meetings. Finally, I have to thank the Courier Express for their great reporting of the Board meetings.

– Joseph Krill, Delmont,

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