I always enjoy reading former editor Denny Bonavita's opinion column in the Tri-County Sunday and have been reading each one for several years. He's done a great job of offering his take on a variety of topics.

In the Sunday, March 8 edition, Mr. Bonavita opined about Senator Chuck Schumer's comments on Supreme Court justices, saying Schumer "behaved like an idiot. Idiots ought not to hold high public office."

I'd tend to agree. Still, if Mr. Bonavita wrote an opinion piece denouncing every high public office holder who "behaved like an idiot," he'd never write about anything else. He'd be writing until the proverbial cows came home. Yet this is the first time I've seen him decry a single boneheaded move by public officials in this way.

Would Mr. Bonavita offer the same critique if Schumer had an "R" next to his name rather than a "D?" I'd like to think he would, but I've yet to see him criticize Republicans this harshly, so it remains an open question. After all, there's ample room to criticize many public officials. Maybe Mr. Bonavita could pick one on the other side of the aisle next time.

Scott Seeley, Brookville

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