Where did all of the Trump voters in Pennsylvania go?

Last year, Keystone State voters chose Donald Trump for President over Hillary Clinton by about 70,000 votes, a percentage point.

Hereabouts, it was a landslide. Combined, Trump carried the Clearfield-Elk-Jefferson counties vote by an overwhelming 76 percent.

We said we wanted change.

No, wait. We screamed that we are sick of Big Brother. We were mad as hell (to quote the 1976 movie, “Network”) and we were not going to take it any more.

So we elected Trump.

“Change!” we shouted.

Then we got quiet. Shut up. Vanished.

So the Pennsylvania Legislature knuckled under and agreed to alter Pennsylvania driver licenses to comply with dictatorial, overreaching federal guidelines that supposedly make us safer against terrorists — and if you believe that, we can steer you to a bridge that is a great bargain to buy. It used to be in Brooklyn.

We don’t yet know the cost, but it will be steep, perhaps double what it now costs to get or renew a driver license, $30, more or less. And there will be two classes of driver licenses, further confusing things.

The feds had threatened to not allow Pennsylvanians to board airplanes or enter federal property, chiefly military bases, because our current licenses don’t meet their requirements, also reminiscent of moviedom, in this case, World War II-era films featuring Nazis.

But nowhere in the Constitution does it give the federal government the power to regulate state-issued driver licenses.

If the feds are so serious about federal ID — then let Uncle Sugar issue federal identifications to those of us who want them. Actually, the feds already do this. Those identifications are called “passports.”

Pennsylvania was among a handful of states to have resisted the federal bullying — until the feds imposed a mid-2018 deadline.

Then, we caved.

Blame our Pennsylvania legislators and Gov. Tom Wolf? Nope.

They merely responded to the whining of those of us who were afraid of Big Brother and caved in.

The Trump voters, those of us who are fed up with big government and want Trump to “drain the swamp” that is Big Government?

Nary a peep. Nobody shouted, “Defy them!” Almost nobody even whispered that.

“Oh, please, don’t make us have to make a big fuss!” we whined.

And the Legislature and the governor complied.

Wonder why the federal government shreds the Constitution?

It isn’t liberals. It isn’t special interests.

It is those of us who sounded so strident last November, then shut up and rolled over, again.

— Denny Bonavita

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