In this area of Pennsylvania, what do we do when we discover that parents are breaking the law in ways that endanger their children?

We take the children away from the parents and put them into governmental care.

So why are so many anti-Americans upset that the federal government is doing much the same thing with children of illegal immigrants, children who are themselves also illegal immigrants, albeit involuntarily so?

We might cringe at the sight of youngsters clad in orange jump suits.

But orange jumpsuits or their equivalents can be used to clothe children in the Tri-County Area in emergency circumstances, e.g., a home-destroying fire caused by drugged-up adults attempting to manufacture meth.

What are we supposed to do? Take the children to The Gap?

“Almost 2,000 migrant children....” were separated from their parents in the past six weeks as the federal government charges their parents criminally — which puts the parents into prisons.

This is not Latin America. We do not house entire families in the same prisons.

The children are separated from their parents so they do not accept the culture of crime as the reality of life.

The United States is being invaded by people who come here by breaking our laws, evading normal immigrant procedures that winnow out the criminals, the dangerously ill, the mentally ill, etc.

The United Nations says the United States cannot continue to separate children from parents — making it even plainer that the United States ought to kick the UN out of New York and withdraw its “Uncle Sugar” support for this supranationalistic nanny state advocate.

We are a country. We have borders. People who wish to come into our country cannot simply walk across our borders and take up residence here. That process invalidates the whole notion of “sovereign nation.”

We could shoot the children, and their parents, as they cross our borders.

The problem of illegal immigration has not yet reached such proportions as would justify such slaughter or condone the damage that shooting children would do to our police or troops.

Children are being separated from their parents, true. That is not good, in theory.

But when the parents are accused, admitted or convicted criminals, there are no good choices. Illegal immigrants are, by definition, criminals and it is the parents who made themselves and their children into criminals.

This whining about oh-so-innocent children and adults pouring across our borders is hogwash.

You come here illegally, you get thrown out. In the process, we do feed, clothe and shelter you — but you don’t get to dictate the terms.

— Denny Bonavita

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