Q: What’s the difference between President Donald Trump blabbing dangerously secret information to the Russians and Hillary Clinton sharing dangerously secret information on a private email server?

A: Not a whole lot.

Let’s be clear, however. Despite howls of protest by political opponents, neither Trump nor Hillary clearly committed a crime. As President, Trump has broad authority to declassify information. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was inexcusably careless, but not overtly criminal. Both actions show howlingly bad judgment.

Suggesting that Trump committed a crime is way overblown at this juncture.

But if his flapping mouth got a person or people killed ... that is not far-fetched.

Trump’s bragging is now not just self-glorification. It is dangerous.

Philip Mudd, a former counterterrorism officer at the FBI and CIA, recently described Trump’s behavior accurately: “You feel like you’ve got to give the president of the United States a pacifier and a rattle and put him in the crib.”

Back when Trump was a candidate, many of us professed to like him because “he says what he thinks.”

But he is now a President who “says what he thinks,” or, more accurately, “blabs whatever comes into his mind that makes him look good.”

Some people who can’t get over Hillary’s self-inflicted defeat are talking about impeaching Trump. We don’t overturn elections lightly.

We aren’t there yet. We might not even get there. It is Trump’s mouth and Twitter tweets, not Trump’s actions, that are so unacceptable.

How do we get the man to shut his mouth?

He has to decide to do that.

But we can help. Even those of us who voted for him have to recognize that his heaping insults on everybody (Calling ousted FBI director James Comey a “showboater” is only the latest example), his blabbing about the existence of tapes of conversations (which ought to be made, but ought not to be disclosed), and his kowtowing to the Russians have to stop.

We need to say, to each other and to President Trump: Quit trying to win a TV ratings race, and stick to being the President of the United States.

— Denny Bonavita

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