Syndicated columnist Mark Shields humorously remarked: “George Washington couldn’t tell a lie. Richard Nixon couldn’t tell the truth. And Donald Trump can’t tell the difference.” Everybody makes mistakes. Sometimes serious enough that most self respecting people wouldn’t divulge, especially done in anger that now threatens our welfare. Amazingly in last Sunday’s newspaper a DuBois lady not only enthusiastically supports Donald Trump (who’s dwindling approval rating is about 36 percent and talks as if women were a sex commodity); she encouraged other people to be supportive the same way. Clearly those people haven’t done their homework before voting last November, and aren’t paying attention to the news either. In fact, a poll this past week showed that more people trusted Vladimir Putin than Trump.

Voters shouldn’t elect a leader “learning” how to govern, and he’s had enough time to get his act together. He swore to uphold the Constitution, but obviously doesn’t know what it says, imagining perhaps he could “dictate” his demands as he did in business. However other branches of government are established to thwart dictatorships. And because he’s so juvenilely thin-skinned, any attacks aimed at him originated from what he stupidly said or tweeted.

Statistics tracked Trump lying dozens of times during his first 40 days in office, has several threatening lawsuits filed against him, abandoned several promises he’s made to supporters, is attacking healthcare coverage and affordability for millions of people, determined to dismantle safeguards on our savings and environmental protections, and clearly has something serious to hide by not revealing his tax records. Not good at all.

Observing Trumps speeches is exactly like listening to an 11-year-old trying to impress his first date. It’s astounding to think that many voters excitedly and reliably support him.

– Dave McKolanis, Falls Creek

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