I rarely bother to read anything written by Richard Cohen. I guess I was bored and the title of his article referring to Weimar Germany caught my eye. When I got near the end of the article, I was not at all surprised to see his twisted deceitful comments. He referred to the president elect as “ ‘epochally’ unqualified” and “very unsuitable for the presidency.” What? Does he really think that his messiah, Barrack Hussein Obama, was more suitable and qualified with his community organizing “skills” than a successful businessman that has run large organizations with thousands of employees? Then he goes on to say that Trump is a lying, cheating and insulting individual. What about his darling Hillary that insulted half the American people by calling them deplorables? What about the cheating that she did with the DNC against Sanders and through ex-con Robert Creamer with the fake Trump protesters? And lying? Hillary wrote the manual on how to excel at that. Under oath in front of a Congressional committee, FBI Director Comey acknowledged, under oath, that she had lied repeatedly to questions about her email scandal.

Cohen is a partisan hack that sees nothing good about conservatives and Republicans, at the same time idolizing any left wing loon or liberal/socialist/communist that comes down the pike. He lives in his big city liberal coastal bubble and has no idea how real Americans live and see the world.

– Bob Mortland, Reynoldsville

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