DuBOIS — DuBois Christian Schools, which has been executing their Continuity of Education plan for students since March 23, is celebrating Parent Appreciation Week in recognition of the work parents have taken on to facilitate its at-home learning plan.

“Things are going well, but we realize that this at-home learning plan where our teachers are delivering content both online and in the form of packets requires a lot of facilitation by parents,” said Director of Development Tracy Shenkle.

“Our goal for many years at DCS has been that we exist to partner with parents in the Christian education of students,” she said. “Especially during this time, that objective is even more important as we move forward in educating our students. Understanding the challenges being faced by our parents, some of whom are home and some of whom are still working, is what prompted us to try to plan a week where we can say ‘thank you’ for all they are doing to facilitate the continued education of their students.”

Shenkle talked about some of the things the school has planned so far for parents.

“This past weekend we sent out to our parents an ‘Activities List’ of all kinds on indoor, outdoor and online activity suggestions for them to do with their family,” said Shenkle. “They ranged from links to maps for local bike trails, to virtual tours of parks, museums and zoos, to links to watching Jesus from Sight and Sound Theatres and TBN this past weekend for free.”

Also, Shenkle said the school is working on getting and compiling videos from the staff personally thanking parents for their partnership in the Continuity of Education program.

“We realize that especially for those with elementary students facilitating our At Home Learning plan over the past three weeks has been a lot and we want to thank them for their work and encourage them to keep going,” said Shenkle.

Shenkle said the school staff will also be posting encouraging words and sending out encouraging emails thanking the parents as well this week.

The school is also compiling prayer groups where each staff member will have five families that they will pray for and reach out to this week by mail, email or text. Also, the school will award gift cards to parents from local businesses throughout the week, in addition to sending out coupons or discounts to all of their families.

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