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Lady Rovers fall in double OT

Lottery ticket worth more than $1.4 million sold at Bobette in DuBois

DuBOIS — A lottery ticket worth more than $1.4 million was sold at the Bobette Motel & Diner in DuBois on Nov. 6, according to a press release from the Pennsylvania Lottery.

The ticket was a progressive top prize-winning ticket worth $1,466,416.50 for the Pennsylvania Lottery’s “Fat Wallet” game.

The lottery retailer, the Bobette on Blinker Parkway, also receives a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket, according to the press release.

The person who bought the winning ticket was not identified in the press release.

“Fat Wallet” is a $30 Fast Play game that offers progressive top prizes starting at $500,000. Fast Play games print on-demand from a Pennsylvania Lottery sales terminal or self-service touch-screen vending terminal and are similar to scratch-off games, but without the need to scratch a ticket or wait for a drawing.

The holder of a top-prize winning Fast Play ticket should immediately sign the back of the ticket and call the Pennsylvania Lottery at 1-800-692-7481.

Punxsutawney officials questioned about East End Park project

PUNXSUTAWNEY — The Punxsutawney Borough Council was approached by Linda Smith and Kris Graham about the progress, or lack thereof, of the East End Park, and the ongoing fundraising their families have been doing for the proposed project.

Smith spoke first, asking for an update on the project, and for the timeline of the grant announced from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Smith also asked if there was anything the families could do to help the process along or help with contractors.

Graham spoke next, also concerned about the grant possibly expiring. She had also talked with local company, Jefferson Paving, about the engineer requirements for the project. According to her, the company said the requirements were almost impossible and likely why the borough was struggling to get bids back.

“The specifications in the engineering part were changed a lot so that it became more difficult and more expensive in the way that I think the layers of the paint that were put on, the thickness of the actual court, the way they’re putting the posts in… There’s just a lot of things that one of the contractors told us are almost unrealistic, almost like the state just copied and pasted something from somewhere else,” Graham said.

Borough Manager Toby Santik confirmed the council had until the end of 2022 to use the DCNR grant. He also said he wasn’t sure if the borough would be receiving the total amount of $87,900 now that the project had been downsized from the tennis courts, pavilions, sidewalks, and park benches.

“Now we’re down to just a tennis court, and the last bid that came in from, I think Jefferson Paving, $224,000,” Santik said.

Graham said everything together, between the in-kind labor the borough was going to offer, money being donated from the Smith family, and what’s been fundraised so far is about $175,000, and she said they are continuing to fundraise.

She also requested the families be involved in the wording of the bid requests, saying she thought using more of their wording would encourage more bids.

“Maybe put a little more of our terminology out there. We’re not just building a tennis court, it’s for a cause and it’s a memorial. I think that would make a big difference to the contractors,” Graham said.

She also said she had 15 possible contractors that she found, and said she hoped the families could be involved in choosing where the bids were sent to when it came time.

Santik said the previous bid packet had been created by the borough’s previous engineer, The EADS Group, and he would take a look at everything. The main problem over the last year, according to him, was that every time the bids requests were sent out, there was only one response each time, which is unacceptable to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Another complaint from Graham was the timeline the borough followed over the last year to request bids, saying if they gave a three month period rather than a one month period, and started requesting bids at the very beginning of the year, they would be more likely to receive more bids back.

Santik said the borough was required to follow the timeline set forth by DCNR, and when they open up the window for bids, the borough will do it as soon as they can.

He said he will reach out to Beth Hildebrand who is the head of the project, and get an update from her to pass along to the family.

“I’ll take the hit here, because I’m the one that’s dropped the ball on getting back to the property. I’ll make sure that the next conversation I have with Miss Hildebrand, I will follow up with you on the actual how we’re going to do this,” Santik said.

Graham said the families just want to see the project completed one way or another.

“We just want it done, I don’t care how long it takes. We just want to see it come to fruition. It’s been five years now, my dad’s going through radiation and we’re just ready to have it done,” Graham said.

DuBois' Red Kettle Campaign kicks off Friday with goal of $40K

DuBOIS — The bells of the DuBois Salvation Army will start ringing on Friday and Captains Andrew and Brianne Spooner are hoping for the support of the community to help them reach their Red Kettle campaign goal of $40,000 when it ends on Christmas Eve.

“Our kettle goal this year is the same as last year,” said Andrew Spooner. “We were a little short last year hitting that goal so we are hoping to do better this year.”

In order to reach their goal, the Salvation Army not only needs donations, but volunteers to ring the bell at the Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Big Lots and Save-A-Lot.

“Getting bell ringers has been a struggle. We definitely need people to volunteer,” said Spooner. “I need groups or individuals at least. We’re definitely seeing a decrease in people calling and asking to volunteer. I need people to follow-up and sign-up.”

And because there may be a lack of volunteers available to ring the bells, the Salvation Army is encouraging people to mail-in donations, said Spooner. The checks can be written out to the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign and can be mailed to The Salvation Army at 119 S. Jared St., DuBois PA 15801 with a memo of “Red Kettles.”

“The Red Kettle Campaign helps support our social service efforts for the upcoming year. That money helps provide monthly food for families, helps us pay people’s utility bills, rent bills and emergency social services,” said Spooner. “It’s an important fundraiser because that’s really what supports the community. It all stays right in DuBois to help all of the people in our area.”

Last year, the Red Kettle Campaign raised approximately $32,000, said Spooner.

“Being short last year didn’t hurt as bad because thankfully we had some COVID funding left over. That is all used up so this year we’ll be starting the year with just what the Red Kettle Campaign brings in,” he said. “We aren’t getting any of that funding this year. It’s used up. We used it all to help people last year. And then we’re seeing our social service numbers going up. Month-by-month, they go up a little bit. We probably serve 110 families a month, and that’s just for food services, and that works out to be just about 350 to 400 individuals. That’s all the individuals represented in those families.

“It (the need) slowed down during the summer, which is normal, but since the fall and heading up into Christmas, we’ve seen it increase month by month,” said Spooner. “We have just about a 100 people or families signed up for our Christmas assistance and those families will get toy assistance and food for Christmas. The deadline to apply for that assistance is Monday.”

Those interested in signing up for Christmas assistance through the Salvation Army can go to the DuBois Salvation Army Facebook page for a link to online application.

“The Red Kettle Campaign also helps support that too,” said Spooner.

Any groups or individuals interested in volunteering to be a bell ringer for the campaign is asked to contact Capt. Andrew Spooner at 814-371-5320.

DuBois engineer: Work on Maple Avenue should wrap up for year soon

DuBOIS – Officials hope a portion of a major construction project will be finished for the year by the end of next week.

During Monday’s DuBois City Council meeting, Engineer Chris Nasuti said work along Maple Avenue is expected to wrap up for the year by Nov. 15 and projects on and around Park and Scribner avenues should finish by Nov. 19.

Work will continue in 2022, according to officials.

Nasuti said individual residents with property-specific issues should call the city building to report them so that contractors can be notified.

Ruck & Roll ThursdayCity police Officer Lance Thompson told the council about a special event on Thursday – Veterans Day – to support local veterans.

He said REAKT Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is teaming up with We Defy Foundation to host a Ruck & Roll this Thursday. The foundation is a nonprofit aimed at getting military veterans into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which Thompson said affords a combination of camaraderie, stress relief and exercise.

The Ruck & Roll starts at 5 p.m. in City Park. A ruck consists of walking with a weighted backpack. The “roll” part is how participants drill, train and “spar.” An open mat from 6-8 p.m. at REAKT will be available for anyone interested in giving it a try.

Since it will be dark around the time the ruck begins, glow sticks will be handed out to provide some illumination.

Additional information online suggests, “For the Ruck, you just need your back pack, some weight (a lot or little to none, you decide). It’s going to get dark, so bring a flash light or headlamp.”

Anyone interested in participating can sign up online at this link:

Those who sign up online should be sure to bring their confirmation email to check-in.

All participants must sign a waiver of liability, and anyone under age 18 must have a parent or guardian available to sign. A link will be posted so the waiver can be downloaded and signed prior to the event.

Lot consolidation

The council approved a lot consolidation request from Barber Financial at 196 W. DuBois Ave. and a land development plan at that location for construction of a one-story addition.

Blighted properties

The council approved a fee schedule for abandoned and blighted properties and instructed Solicitor Toni Cherry to prepare a resolution to add the fees to existing property maintenance ordinances.

The fees will be used as a code enforcement tool to hold those who own or manage abandoned or blighted properties responsible for cleaning them up and maintaining them properly.


The city building and garage will be closed Thursday for Veterans Day and also Thursday, Nov. 25 through Monday, Nov. 29, for Thanksgiving.

The council’s next work session will be held at 4 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 18. The next regular council meeting will convene at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 22.