BROOKVILLE — The Brookville Community Theater is now accepting pre-orders for another soup sale as a fundraiser for their ongoing Historic Columbia Theater Restoration Project.

Karen Algeier said the theater group’s first priority is to get the roof of the building replaced, as it is a major concern. She has already received estimates on this project around $40,000. The roof is the main concern at this time because the inside of the building is suffering from water damage.

Soups can be pre-ordered, but must be turned in no later than Friday, Oct. 22. Pickup will be at 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 30 at the Columbia Theater.

The soups being offered in this sale are Italian wedding, broccoli and cheese, stuffed pepper, ham and bean, vegetable beef, and chicken noodle. All of the soups will be homemade by the community theater members.

“The more orders we get the better,” Algeier said. “We’re just trying to make as much as we need.”

Soups will be $7 per quart, and pre-orders are to be paid in advance by cash or check made payable to the Brookville Community Theater.

Telephone orders can be made by calling 814-849-2562, and leaving a message. A return phone call will be made to verify the order and to get payment information.

Algeier said all of the soups, except for the broccoli and cheese, will freeze well. She was happy to say that the group has already had some orders coming in to them.

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