BROOKVILLE — The Rebecca M. Arthurs Library held a party for the end of its Summer Reading Program on Monday, offering a fun afternoon for their participating children and their families.

Children’s Program Director Amanda Mignogna said the summer reading program had a noticeable increase in children this year with about 50 children signed up and 36 active reading logs.

“It’s one of the highest years since I’ve worked here, for sure,” Mignogna said.

Mignogna said she believes this is because of how much time was spent at home engaged with their children over the last year. This was also the first year she has been able to have a teens group in the summer reading program.

“I think there’s more family togetherness because of all the time. Also, we’re a smaller town and we were impacted in a lot of ways, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time we were in our houses more which made us engage with the kids more,” Mignogna said.

The library was also able to get a $1,000 grant, which allowed them to offer more fun. She said it also depends on the funding the library can get to what they can put out.

She said the largest group was the K to 6th, which surprised her because this group is typically difficult to get to want to come back. The largest group is normally the birth to five-year-olds

Children enjoyed the entertaining magic show by Master Magician Michaelangelo from Punxsutawney to kick off the party. He performed an interactive show, bringing children up to help with different tricks throughout the show.

After the show, awards were handed out for most reading hours logged in each of the age groups. The awards went to the following;

Teens group

  1. Justin Smith –75 hours
  2. Dominic Mignogna –51 hours
  3. Evan McKalsen –15 hours

4th to 6th Grade

  1. Dante Poole –66 hours
  2. Ashley Himes –65 hours
  3. Melanie Kelley –60 hours

K to 3rd Grade

  1. Zoey and Bryn Bartley –60 hours
  2. Melanie Mignogna –59 hours
  3. Regan Woodcock –40 hours

Birth to 5-year-olds

  1. Elliot McKalsen –106 hours
  2. Ezra Moomau –98.5 hours
  3. Elijah Jackson –52 hours

Each of the children who participated also got to go home with WPSU bags that the library signed up to have donated to them.

The fun ended with the children and their families having lunch provided by the library and enjoying a foam pit in the back parking lot.

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