BROOKVILLE — With Winter just around the corner, we are finishing up gardens, getting vehicles snow ready, and firewood cut for those long winter nights, but have you thought about that large bare patch in your yard from when you might have done French drains, an addition, or other project?

The easiest and best method to get grass to grow on those bare spots is by applying seed and mulch. The latest seed can be applied is typically Oct. 15 and the earliest is typically March 15. This can vary depending on the seed mix. Getting some grass to grow before winter will help stabilize the ground and help prevent erosion and sediment runoff. If you have poor or rocky soil, a good layer of topsoil can help get that grass to grow and establish.

Mulch, which is typically hay or straw, can help absorb rainfall impact, increase rate of infiltration, reduce soil moisture loss due to evaporation, and protect the seed from intense sunlight.

For more details regarding erosion and sediment control, please contact Jefferson County Conservation District at 814-849-7463. You can also visit our website:

By keeping sediment out of streams, you can protect water quality for fish and public drinking water supplies.

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