BROOKVILLE — The Jefferson County Commissioners approved several applications for funding and aid around the county, including Big Run, Gaskill Township and Punxsutawney.

The first was the approval of resolution 2021-04 for Community Development Block Grant money to be allocated.

“The county will be retaining $46,677 for administration. We’ll be allocating $60,000 to the Borough of Big Run for the Mitchell Avenue street improvement project. We’ll also be allocating $95,400 to the Borough of Corsica for the Water Street waterline replacement project Phase II, and $57,240 for Eldred Township homeowner waterline lateral installations. (In) the Borough of Punxsutawney, the county will be retaining $20,617 for administration of the grant, and $93,924 will be used for the Punxsutawney Community Center Fitness Center improvements, which will be installation of a new HVAC system,” said Bill Setree, the county’s community development director.

The next application approved was for Gaskill Township for $10,000 for Bowers Road flood repairs.

The flood occurred between four to six weeks ago, and washed out a pipe under the road. The township asked the county for some help with the necessary repairs, according to Commissioner Jeff Pisarcik.

Finally, the commissioners approved the transfer of $122,107.85 from the Restricted Funds to cover COVID-19-related expenses. This money is coming from the original CARES money that was distributed, not from the American Rescue Plan funds.

North Central updateJim Sleigh, the Jefferson County industry representative with North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development, also provided the commissioners with an update from the organization.

“Currently, we’re working on getting applications ready for EDA (Economic Development Administration), I’m sure most everybody’s seen there’s a lot of money out there now,” Sleigh said.

The current applications have a deadline of Tuesday, October 19, and they are also reaching out to the communities to see if there are any others that could benefit the area.

“Typically what we’ll do, we’ll look at applications and help critique them, strengthen them for submission. So, if you know of any applications that are out there, people applying for these funds and need some help… we do what we can to help them out,” Sleigh said.

The other big project – the organization just received a second part of funding for an ARC tower statewide broadband application. There are five identified projects within the region that are going to be addressed, as well as others across the state. North Central is starting to look at the projects and see what it can do to get them started. It has also been talking with a consultant and providers in the area to address broadband issues for the county.

North Central has a speed test link active on its website, and is encouraging the public to conduct a speed test on their internet service.

“One of the things we’re going to be doing is evaluating all of this information to try to identify bad spots that don’t have what we consider the minimum of 25 megabits of download service to them,” Sleigh said.

The speed test can be found on and can be accessed from the homepage by clicking the blue “information technology / broadband’’ button.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month The commissioners also declared October “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” in Jefferson County.

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