BASD School Directors

(back from left) Jacob Shields, Vice President Fred Park, Christopher Rhodes, (middle from left) Matthew Park, Luc Doolittle, President Donald Gill (front from left)Erin Schiafone, Herb McConnell, and Kerith Strano Taylor were thanked for their dedication during Monday’s meeting.

BROOKVILLE — The Brookville Area School District is celebrating the school board this month for School Director Recognition Month for all the hard work they do for the school and community.

At Monday’s work session meeting, each board member received a token gift of thanks – a pottery mug handcrafted by BASD senior Nina Kahle, one of Stephen Jaworski’s art students.

No two of the mugs the board received were the same. The board thanked Kahle for her effort in making the mugs for them. Superintendent Erich May said Kahle has an impressive portfolio working with an array of mediums.

“January is designated School Director Recognition Month – a time to celebrate and to recognize the challenging and vital work boards do on behalf of our students, schools, and families. On average, school directors devote up to 10 hours per month to complex responsibilities, including adopting policies, voting on budgets, conducting comprehensive planning, and so much more,” Superintendent Dr. May said.

“Pennsylvania public schools educate nearly 2 million students. Access to high-quality public education is crucial for their success, and for the strength of our community and our society. It takes a team of dedicated people to make it happen – teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and other community members, and you the board – to provide that education. The nine members of your local school board are a key part of this team, making informed decisions that shape our schools,” Dr. May said.

School directors serve voluntarily. A majority of board members cite their desire to give back or contribute to public education.

“Among our board, many have a long-standing commitment to this district, having either attended school here or previously worked for this district. These dedicated volunteers are our neighbors, friends, local leaders, parents, and engaged citizens. They are working to ensure opportunities for the success of every student,” May said.

During this month designated to recognizing the board, May asked the public to “please take a moment to express your gratitude to them for their time and efforts year-round on behalf of our district and community. Brookville Area School District thanks each of our members for advocating on behalf of our local children.”