Joey Offut


BROOKVILLE – In a brief proceeding, held on Monday, June 27th, Jefferson County Judge John Foradora declared Joey Lynn Offutt dead as of July 12, 2007. Patrick Lavelle, Esq., representing Offutt’s mother, Sherry Hallet, was present for the hearing.

Nine years ago, a fire occurred at Offutt’s home in Sykesville. Since that event, she has not been seen although her red Saturn car, with Virginia license plates, was found four days later in State College.

In the aftermath of the fire, the remains of Offutt’s then six-week-old son were discovered. Her other two children, who were not at home at the time of the blaze, live with family members.

Foradora placed the date of Offutt’s death as July 12, 2007, as no one has seen or heard from her since that day. The action was in response to a petition filed by Hallet for the Offutt Estate. In previous writings on the case, Offutt was stated to have been 33 years of age.

Despite the ruling, Foradora explained that the case is still “continuing” with the Jefferson County District Attorney and the Pennsylvania State Police. He added that no recent leads have “come to light” in the incident.

For the record, Foradora stated that the advertisement for the proceeding was published in three area newspapers as well as the Jefferson County Legal Journal.

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