BROOKVILLE — The Jefferson County Development Council hosted a ribbon-cutting at Love’s Travel Stops last Friday to celebrate the opening of the long anticipated travel center.

Speakers for the ribbon-cutting ceremony included Nine Star Capital LP Project Manager Paula Foradora, Love’s department managers Josh Fisher, James McManigle and Makayla Glenn, local government officials, and representatives from the Brookville Chamber of Commerce.

Foradora gave a touching story about her upbringing and family as her reason for pushing the project forward for so many years. She spoke about the positives coming to the community and her hope for continued success of development in the area.

She explained she is the last of nine children, and talked about her special needs brother and how he impacted her family and the community.

“He touched us all as a family and as a community. No one touches a community more than a special needs child. When he passed, my parents shortly thereafter donated to the Jefferson County Fair Board,” Foradora said.

She said she is happy to see so much happening at the fairgrounds now, like the concerts and fundraisers, and hopes to now see Love’s continue to help promote the fair as well.

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Foradora recalled a specific time she was talking with her father and he told her “I’m not a smart man, but I always knew how to move rock and dirt.” She also explained her mother’s name, Rhoda, means “the rose.”

She said after talking to numerous companies, Love’s came into the picture. While filling out all the necessary paperwork, everything always said “Love’s.” She said she needed to figure out how all the dirt would be moved for the project, and eventually the settlement sheets came in.

“All of a sudden it says ‘Rose Rock Corporation’ and I thought holy cow. I almost fell back in my chair. I called my sister and said ‘I guess I did it right.’ If there was anything more momentous, it was Rose Rock and the name Love’s and the fact that it’s a family company. That was so important to me that it would provide family type jobs, and be known as a family organization,” Foradora said.

She said prior to her father’s passing, he told her he couldn’t get it done, but he wanted her to get water and sewer and put something at exit 81 to create jobs.

“I always said, the reason why I’m here is to promote job creation. The reason why I’m here is to promote that fair authority down there in my brother’s name,” Foradora said. “So, I’m thankful for the community, I’m thankful to the county, I’m thankful to everyone who has helped me assist my staff, who helped through the years.”

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