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Superintendent Erich May welcomed high school senior Katherine “Kat” Kelly as this year’s student representative to the Brookville Area School Board.

BROOKVILLE — The Brookville Area School Board applauded Jeff Tech Monday night on the recent accreditation of its adult education programs.

Board member Fred Park said, “Jeff Tech received notification this past week from the state board of education” that Jeff Tech’s adult education has been accredited. “This is a huge thing for Jeff Tech.” He said of the 84 C/T schools in Pennsylvania, “Jeff Tech is one of only nine that have received that accreditation from the state, so that is quite an achievement for us.”

“This will allow us to move on to the federal level and many of these students will be able to get financial aid,” he said.

He commended adult education coordinator Megan Bundy. “She’s the one that did all the work, spearheaded the process and made the presentation to the Department of Education when they came to Jeff Tech. She made this happen for our adult students.”

Board member Herb McConnell said he wanted to “clarify that the adult education program” at Jeff Tech “is separate from the regular education program.” This accreditation will enable adult students to apply for financial aid as “a regular adult student in any public field. It’s a good thing for them; it’s a good thing for the school. A lot of hard work went into it and we appreciate it.”

Park said Jeff Tech “is also one of 15 C/T schools that have a comprehensive approach to education. The students go there for shop, but they also go there for academics.”

Park and McConnell are Brookville’s representatives to the Jeff Tech board.

Student representative

Senior Katherine “Kat” Kelly was welcomed at this year’s student representative to the board.

At BAHS she is “involved in all areas of leadership,” Superintendent Erich May said. “She is involved in YAG, FBLA, DECA and golf and we appreciate her service here. We encourage her to represent not only senior high, but also junior high and, for that matter, elementary students.

Kelly said she is “really excited for this opportunity” to serve on the board.


The board approved a wage increase of $1 per hour for all current support personnel, starting wages for support staff, substitute support staff and confidential secretaries, effective September 20.

May thanked the board for approving the increases, noting the administration has had difficulty in filling some positions in the schools, particularly support staff. “Unemployment in Pennsylvania is at its lowest in 20 years and we have a robust economy locally. That adds pressure to the local labor market. I thank the board on behalf the administration for increasing our wages a little bit and making us a little bit more competitive in a tightened local labor market.”

Also approved were change orders submitted by two contractors at the stadium.

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Tech Services Inc. will install seven future camera locations, a 24 ckt patch panel, four locations for networking with two connection jacks and a track timer at a cost of $5,260.

DBF Contracting Inc. had additional expenses of $3,068 for unanticipated rock excavation at the site of the new press box.


Accepted with regret were resignations from Holly Freeman, food service worker, and Angel LaCombe, special education teacher at Pinecreek. Both have accepted other employment.

Hired Monday night were:

  • Maria Popolis as a high school English teacher, at Master’s Step 1, $44,245.
  • Heidi McKinney at Northside and Pinecreek schools, and Christine Bazylak at Pinecreek (transferred from child specific aide) as Title I aides.
  • Holly Hooven as a child specific aide at Hickory Grove.
  • Gary Steele and Brian Miller as maintenance technicians, filling vacancies created by retirements.
  • Savanna Smith as business office assistant, filling the vacancy created by the transfer of Kathy Ruth to the position of assistant business administrator.

Added to the list of day-to-day substitutes were Regina Cherico of Brookville and Brooke Hanes of Brookville, child specific aides; Brielle Rosse, Iowa Wazelle and Isabella Ohls, BASD seniors, food service worker; Courtney Schonbachler of Shippenville, elementary/special ed, and Jillian Taylor of Brookville, emergency permit; and Kevin Carnes of Clarington and David Kapela of Brookville, custodial.

Approved as coaches and volunteers were:

  • Girls basketball — Mark Powell, head coach; Kait Hill, first assistant; Rich Rhoades, assistant; Jim Hill and Kate Reinsel Belfiore, volunteers.
  • Junior high soccer — Leigh Reitz, assistant coach.
  • Volleyball — Amber Siar, volunteer.

Supplemental contracts were approved for:

  • Mentors — Mary Beth Rhines for Maria Popolis, Stephen Jaworski for Kendra Donahue and Andilynne Kalkbrenner for Elena Cubellis.
  • Elementary yearbook — Michele Confer and Georgia Long.
  • Elementary concerts — Mat King, Laura Grabigel and Meagan Shaw (maximum of four).


Tabitha Coyne asked that there be proof that some animals being allowed in the schools are really service animals and not just family pets, since some people are allergic to the animals.

The next regular meeting of the Brookville Area School Board will be a work session at 6 p.m. Monday, October 10, in the LGI room at Hickory Grove.

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