BROOKVILLE — The Jefferson County Fair Authority took steps last week to correct “a long overlooked” situation when it voted to amend the authority’s articles of incorporation, adopted in 1989.

The board was originally named the Jefferson County Ag and Youth Fair Authority. The name will be changed to The Jefferson County Fair Authority.

The fair authority was originally comprised of five members. As a result of the growth of the fair and the need for additional voices on the board, the articles will be amended to increase membership on the board up to 13 volunteers.

Solicitor Jeff Gordon will present the amended articles to the Jefferson County Commissioners for their approval.

New members

Welcomed to the authority were two new members, Philip Kuntz and Noah Reichard, both of Brookville. Reappointed to the board were Stefany Minich and Beth Rafferty. All will serve five-year terms.

The board also elected officers for 2023. Retained as officers were Wayne Jackson, president; Stefany Minich, vice president; Toni Facchine, treasurer; with Susan Alexander as secretary.

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Other action

  • The authority approved a budget for 2023, presented by Stefany Minich. She said the budget contains “some contingency items.” Looking ahead to this year’s fair, she said, “on our attendance, I think we can do better on some of the nights. But if it rains one night, we can’t budget for that.”

Jackson reminded the board, “If something comes up, we can still go back into” the budget.

  • The board continued discussing events and shows for the 2023 fair. The petting zoo will be returning, along with the rodeo on Friday and demolition derby on Saturday, with country music on Wednesday night. More details will be announced as contracts are signed.

Minich said poultry was cancelled at this year’s PA Farm Show “and poultry might not be at the fairs this year.” The ban would include eggs and feathers.

  • Briefly discussed were a Wine, Shine and Dine event to be held Saturday, April 29, and an information meeting on Sunday, January 15, for members of a junior fair board now being planned.

The next regular meeting of The Jefferson County Fair Authority will be held at a 7 p.m. Wednesday, February 1, in the conference room of the Conservation Center.

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