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BROOKVILLE — Three individuals are facing felony charges for allegedly forging documents during a court hearing in Magisterial Judge Gregory Bazylak’s office, and knowingly lying under oath while in court.

Brookville Borough Police filed charges against Heather Marie Hedeen, 33, of Falls Creek, including forgery –alter writing, forgery –unauthorized act in writing — both second degree felonies, two counts of perjury –third degree felonies, false swearing –official proceedings, and tampering with/fabricating physical evidence –both second degree misdemeanors.

Deborah Ann Hedeen, 59, of New Kensington, and Cory Blotzer, 31, of New Kensington, was charged with these same charges.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, officers began investigating a report of alleged forgery and false swearing that occurred at Magisterial Judge Gregory Bazylak’s office during a proceeding regarding a property at 140 Mabon St. in Brookville.

The victim alleged that they, and the three defendants, H. Hedeen, D. Hedeen, and Blotzer, were all sworn in prior to providing testimony to the courts.

The victim alleged that during the proceedings, the three provided the court with a three page form, and that on page two, the victim’s alleged signature appears as the property owner. The victim reported the signature was not theirs, and the form provided was not a true copy of the lease that was signed by the parties on Aug. 1.

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All three of the defendants allegedly affirmed the validity of the document in court.

Police were later provided evidence and a copy of the 10 page lease agreement, and shown the signatures of all four pirates involved on page nine of the document. The officer reported that the victim’s signature on the civil complaints matched with the document provided to officers, but did not match with the three page document the Hedeens and Blotzer provided to the court.

The victim later provided evidence of the lease being filed with Clarion Federal Credit Union, and evidence of the Hedeen’s lawyer having a copy of the 10-page lease. She was able to provide numerous application emails dating back to October, 2020 containing the same 10-page lease.

Police later met with H. Hedeen about the incident, and she allegedly denied her own signature on the documents she provided to the court. She then denied the signatures on the lease provided by the courts were forged, and when asked why only one was different, she said she would feel more comfortable with her attorney.

On Oct. 5, H. Hedeen made a report to the Brookville Police alleging theft for use of her utility services by the victim, and acknowledged she did not have a copy of the lease in this report.

Both Hedeens and Blotzer have preliminary hearings scheduled for Feb. 3 with Magisterial Judge Gregory Bazylak.

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