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This Sunday is a national holiday in the United States, but probably most people won’t even think twice about it because it recognizes some of America’s most forgotten citizens — grandparents.

The other morning as I was driving in towards town the sun and clouds were playing tag, and lingering snow showers threatened to re-cover the sidewalk I had swept before leaving home.

As quickly as they came, the holidays we love so much are gone for another year. Now we can settle down for that long winter’s nap — sort of — until spring arrives in 72 days.

It has been my custom in the days leading up to Christmas to take time and listen to a full recording of Handel’s Messiah, something I did this week. The opening took me back to the year when a friend and I ventured to Pittsburgh to join members of the Mendelsohn Choir and the Pittsburgh Sym…

On Oct 31, 2020 my wife and I were involved in an accident on Route 28 just north on Coder. There were four vehicles involved with extensive damage to three of them. Our vehicle sustained major damage and we ended up just south of Airport Rd. We could not get out of our vehicle.

The days are passing quickly and soon we will be celebrating Christmas, the birth of our Lord and Savior. But as we draw close to Christmas morning, how will we see others preparing for that gift, and more importantly, how will others see us preparing for Christmas?