The other day I walked into a store and was surprised to hear one of my favorite Christmas songs, “The Little Drummer Boy,” playing. Then the little lady I was with reminded me that it is Christmas in July.

A few days ago I saw a picture of a man and a small boy sitting on a dock, fishing. The caption said, “You can always make money. You can’t always make memories.”

Lately I have been thinking a lot about little things and how sometimes they can really be big things.

We all face tough times. Financial difficulties, health concerns, meeting the needs of family and friends, and even the death of a loved one are things we all must face at one time or another.

Next week most of our local and area seniors will be receiving their high school diplomas, while others have already received their college diplomas.

A couple weeks ago Brookville Area High School presented the 2022 Raider Showcase, highlighting the academic achievements and talents of local students.

One of the greatest lessons in the Bible is revealed in God’s unconditional love for mankind. He didn’t — and still doesn’t — care about whether a person is short or tall, skinny or plump, pretty or plain, rich or poor, young or old, educated or not, a social somebody or a nobody. Since the …