On Oct 31, 2020 my wife and I were involved in an accident on Route 28 just north on Coder. There were four vehicles involved with extensive damage to three of them. Our vehicle sustained major damage and we ended up just south of Airport Rd. We could not get out of our vehicle.

Here is what happened: Immediately a driver in a large box truck stopped to make sure we were okay. A few seconds later a driver who was following us came running up to check on us. Next 911 came on our car radio and ask what happened. She (911 operator) made sure we were okay, ordered help and took all the information we could provide. Next Trooper Ray Green from the Punxsutawney Police barracks appeared. He explained what had happened and took our information. (He was very professional. Outstanding young man.) Next, and all of this happened in just a few minutes, there were ambulances and fire trucks and other help vehicles. Unfortunately, I do not have the names of those who were present. I believe Summerville, Pine Creek and Brookville Departments and Jefferson EMS and maybe others were present.

A few minutes later a young lady volunteer got the passenger door open far enough that she was able to help my wife out of the vehicle. My wife was given a chair to sit in while she was checked by EMT personnel. Next rescue folks started cutting away the left doors on our vehicle. When this was complete, I was removed from the vehicle and checked over and transported the Brookville Hospital. Both my wife and I are fine. Nothing major in the way of injuries.

I was not able to see all the events that were happening, but during this time two others were transported to the Hospital. There were no serious injuries despite the really bad crash. I believe that three vehicles were totally destroyed.

We want to thank all the folks that saved the day for all of us involved in the accident. I spent 20 years in the military during the 70’s and 80’s but never met folks who were more dedicated. We have always tried to support the local fire, medical and rescue departments but now realize that we all need to do more. The members of these departments are truly heroes. They ask for nothing and all we could do was say THANK YOU. We need to make sure they have the financial means to buy all the equipment that they need to save us and protect the volunteers.

Once again, a big sincere THANK YOU to all the rescue and passerby folks who saved the day for all the occupants who were in the accident. They are truly small-town heroes, Pennsylvania. We are so happy and proud to call Jefferson County our home.

Kenneth and Barbara Himes


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