I am writing today with regard to the Jefferson County Veterans Service Center situation.

I am a 30-year Navy veteran who retired 27 years ago. Over the past 27 years, I have had numerous occasions to interact with Veteran Service Coordinators, all of which passed the buck with "get an advocate" including previous Jefferson County Veteran's Service Center Representatives. It was my impression that they could do nothing more than answer the phone and pass the "buck."

In December of 2019, I contacted Krupa Steele to start a reassessment of my disabilities within the VA system. Mrs. Steele was prompt, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. During the scheduled appointment time my reassessment was underway and documents were filed. I must note that Mrs. Steele said that she enjoyed doing this for veterans. She felt like this was what she was supposed to do after she retired.

By February my reassessment was complete. This was due to the expertise of Krupa Steele.

My question has gone unanswered; What happened? Why is she gone?

To those veterans who still need assistance, who is going to take care of them?

James F. Allgeier

BMCM (Seal) Retired


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