Junior Council members

Junior Council members Laurin Taylor and Maeve Jordan are sworn in by Brookville Mayor Richard Beck at the start of the Brookville Borough Council meeting last Tuesday evening.

BROOKVILLE — The Brookville Borough Council welcomed two new Junior Council members who were sworn in last week during the meeting on Tuesday evening.

Laurin Taylor and Maeve Jordan were both sworn in by Mayor Richard Beck at the start of the meeting. Taylor then took her seat at the council table with the rest of the borough council members. Jordan will be the alternate for when Taylor is unable to make it to a council meeting.

Taylor said she is very strong willed, and believes that is part of the reason it was suggested she take the position.

“I’m a very chatty gal, and I’m very outgoing so I hear about everything, and I’m involved in numerous clubs,” Taylor said.

Jordan is involved in a lot with the music department, youth and government, and clubs. She said she believes keeping up with the school is important.

“I’m eager to understand more, and I’m eager to hear more,” Taylor said.

She gave her first report during the meeting, sharing that the school held the annual tailgate before the homecoming game, and that Brookville won the game. She reported they are still wearing masks in the school, and the mask mandate is not being enforced outside the school as long as six-feet of social distance is maintained.

The council members were all welcoming of the new junior members, with many of them welcoming them during the elected officials comments to end the meeting.

“I think it’s wonderful that you’re taking this initiative in Borough Council,” said Lucy Ames, council member.

“We love the updates from the high school,” said Karen Allgeier, council member. “I’d like to thank both of their parents who are here for supporting this particular job that we have… because it’s very important that they see how it works out at the lower level before you think about going up the chain. It all starts here.”

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