BROOKVILLE — Karen Allgeier announced that Victorian Christmas is cancelled for this year and permanently moving forward during the Brookville Borough Council meeting at the start of the month.

“Victorian Christmas this year has been canceled, and it will be canceled permanently effective immediately. The reason for this is, most everything Victorian Christmas did was in someone’s business or in the courthouse, with the living windows and the Christmas tree lane and we can’t do that anymore,” Allgeier said.

She explained the county commissioners denied them use of the courthouse this year because of the continued rise in COVID-19 cases. She also said most of the businesses did not like the idea of having someone in their window for two hours, and most of those who normally sit in the windows didn’t want to wear a mask for the two hours.

Allgeier said she and the board spoke with Historic Brookville, Inc. about it, because they had taken over the event from HBI a few years ago

She said she and others who have worked on the Victorian Christmas celebration in the past will be focusing their efforts to make Light Up Brookville bigger and better.

“Light up night… has become such a family friendly, large event and then to have another event the next week, most people were going to that event because it was kid friendly,” Algeier said. “As much as I love the history of Brookville in the Victorian era and everything to do with it, I want to see everybody at light up night. And the few things that we want to continue in our tradition, we’re hoping to incorporate into light up night going into the future.”

She also thanked everyone for their support over the years regarding the event, calling it a “labor of love.”

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