Theatre event volunteers

Shown are the volunteers for the theatre recognition event held recently in Clearfield.

CLEARFIELD — CNB Bank’s first annual theatre workshop day was held May 20 at the Clearfield Area High School, in partnership with the Clearfield Arts Studio Theatre (C.A.S.T).

Designed to encourage and celebrate student participation and achievement in the arts, the event hosted workshops for 60 local students and theatre directors from area high schools.

The inaugural event allowed students and theatre directors to participate in workshops that offered education on topics such as stage presence, vocals, comedic timing, and more. Attendees were offered nine different areas of education throughout the day. At the conclusion of the event, an award ceremony recognized students for their personal achievements in theatre. CNB Bank presented a donation of $1,000 to each participating school to support their performing arts programs.

Mike Peduzzi, president and CEO of CNB Bank, reflected on the significance of this event and the arts. “In addition to so many ways in which we support our communities and schools, at CNB Bank, we want to focus greater attention on the importance of theatre and arts involvement and education,” said Peduzzi. “Through amplification of the local arts programs, CNB Bank hopes to impact arts education for students and showcase the importance of preserving and growing these critical programs.”

CNB Bank aims to focus the attention of the community and school districts on the importance of involvement and education in the arts. By highlighting local theater programs, CNB Bank hopes to impact arts education for students and showcase the importance of preserving and growing their programs.

Leanne Kassab, CNB Bank senior executive vice president and chief experience officer, said, “As we thought about this first theatre workshop day, so many members of this event planning team commented about how theatre helps us to see a different perspective from our own, as each performance is unique and thought-provoking, and it can be one of the most beneficial experiences that our students can have. For teenagers in this world today, theatre can provide an outlet to be creative – whether through acting, musical accompaniment, or stage crew and lighting –that can enhance their confidence and well-being, while entertaining people along the way. We’re here to support and uplift that experience.”

As a local community bank, community involvement goes well beyond the mission to offer high-quality banking products and services. CNB is committed to serving the continued growth and well-being of the areas in which it operates.

Based on strong, traditional values, CNB Bank is dedicated to being the premier financial services provider in the area, focused on the changing needs of people and business in our communities by providing the highest quality service. More about CNB Bank can be found online at