There isn’t a person walking on this earth who isn’t seeking truth and hoping for a better future or a much improved life. I remember when I was a kid growing up, my mother and father separated and eventually divorced and my father got custody of me. Because I was so young at the time, I had to live with my grandmother because my father worked almost every day of the week at the mill and worked long hours — oftentimes working double shifts. I was too young to be left alone.

I remember going on walks alone and asking God why I had to be different. Why did I have to be born into a broken home? The truth I was searching for was why God didn’t place me into a “normal” home, whatever normal was at the time. Why couldn’t I have a “normal” family like my friends? You have to remember that broken homes were not very common when I was a kid, like it unfortunately is today.

Where does a person go to find the truth? Where do we go to find hope in a broken, dark and cruel world? We can go to a parent. We can go to a teacher. We can even go to a good friend. And these are all normal and acceptable sources as long as their advice is moral and healthy for us.

However, there is one source of truth that many of us often fail to consider, and that is the truth that our God Almighty provides. In the Old Testament, God’s truth began as His wisdom, given to His prophets to share with others, which ultimately became His Holy Word that we refer to as the Hebrew Scriptures.

In the New Testament, God’s Word takes life through the incarnation of Jesus Christ. God sends a part of Himself, in the form of a human being, to come into our world and live with us and share His truth through the life and death of His very own Son. A little over 2,000 years ago God’s truth, His Holy Word, takes life and becomes our sacrificial lamb for our salvation.

So if you are searching for truth, if you are searching for hope, there is only one place where you will find the truth and hope you’re searching for. Seek it out in God’s Holy Word, the Bible.

Next week we will discuss some ways that God’s truth can and will change your life for the better. I know and can attest to this because it changed my life tremendously.

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