A DuBois woman who made harassing statements towards a woman at Sheetz was sentenced Monday at Plea and Sentencing Court.

Jennifer L. Perry, 46, pleaded guilty to harassment — misdemeanor of the third degree, and disorderly conduct — summary offense. She was sentenced by President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman to serve 39 days (time served) to one year in the Clearfield County Jail. She was also fined a total of $200 plus court costs, is prohibited from consuming or possessing alcohol or controlled substances without permission from the probation department and is prohibited from entering any bars.

Perry is also required to undergo a mental health assessment and complete any counseling or treatment as recommended by the probation department.

Prior to sentencing, Perry’s attorney, Ryan Dobo of the public defender’s office, told Ammerman that Perry would like to withdraw her plea. Dobo said Perry didn’t know she would be on probation when she accepted the plea.

Ammerman then had Perry drug tested and she tested positive for methamphetamine, alcohol and MDMA. After the test came back positive, Dobo said Perry was now willing to accept the plea agreement.

Deputy District Attorney Trudy Lumadue said the original plea was for a minimum of 10 days and Perry ended up serving significantly more time in jail than that — therefore she isn’t requesting an additional period of incarceration at this time. But she noted that Perry would still be under the supervision of the probation department and would be required to pass drug and alcohol tests while on probation.

Ammerman asked Perry if she drove to the courthouse and how she was planning to get home afterwards. Perry said she got a ride to the courthouse. A woman in the gallery then said she drove Perry to the courthouse and would be driving her home. Ammerman then accepted the plea agreement and announced Perry’s sentence.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, on Aug. 21, 2021, DuBois City Police received a call from the mother of the victim about an incident at the Sheetz along N. Brady Street involving her daughter and her friend.

According to the victims, they were walking to Sheetz and were at the intersection adjacent to the parking lot when Perry came upon them in a vehicle. Perry stopped and motioned for them to cross the road, but the victims’ said they weren’t ready so they waived her on and Perry said something to the affect that “Well, I guess I’ll go then,” and drove away.

The victims said they did not know Perry.

The victims said when they entered Sheetz, they were confronted by Perry.

Perry said to them “Stop following me. I know your whole family. Are you even human?”

She then called one of the victims, who is Black, a racial slur. The victim said she feared Perry would physically attack her.

The two females provided a description of the suspect, which matched Perry.

Police obtained surveillance video from Sheetz, which matched the victim’s account.