Dinosaur exhibit in DuBois

An attraction featuring animatronic dinosaurs is planned at the Dr. Doolittle’s complex on Rich Highway in Sandy Township.

DuBOIS — A dinosaur exhibit — another planned attraction at Dr. Jeffrey Rice’s Doolittle Station located at 1295 Rich Highway in DuBois — continues to move forward.

At their meeting this week, the Sandy Township supervisors approved a minor subdivision/lot consolidation request by the City of DuBois.

In March, the city subdivided a 0.08 acre, Lot No. 1, from their existing 78.43 acre parcel, said Zoning Officer Jim Keck.

“The City of DuBois is now proposing the subdivision of a 0.02 acre partial shown as lot No. 2 from the 78.438 acre partial,” Keck said. “Lot No. 2 will be conveyed to Dr. Jeffrey Rice and will be consolidated with Dr. Rice’s, J.W. Rice Real Estate Holding Company property.”

The newly consolidated property will contain 5.35 acres. The property includes an existing commercial land development parcel and is served by both public sewer service and public water. This minor subdivision/lot consolidation is adjacent to Rich Highway (PA Route 219) in Sandy Township, Clearfield County.

The Sandy Township Planning Commission recommended approval of this minor subdivision/lot consolidation at their June 19 meeting, Keck said.

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In a previous Courier Express article, Rice said he is adding a 4,000-square-foot facility that will provide a showcase for displays featuring animatronic dinosaurs, a dinosaur skeleton representation and 10 full-sized fiberglass dinosaurs that youngsters can ride and climb on.

“It will be fun and educational,” Rice said in the article. “This is fairly unique for the area as far as a dinosaur exhibit featuring animatronic dinosaurs. These dinosaurs will move and are very lifelike. They even appear to breathe.”

According to Rice, families have to drive long-distances to visit similar shows. He mentioned a recent one at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh where he said tickets were $30.

Rice plans to charge $3 at Doolittle’s.

Rice said he expects the site to attract tourists.

In May, the Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority approved a tourism destination grant of $25,000 to the dinosaur park at Doolittles.

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