DuBOIS — Ella Glabicki, a DuBois Area High School graduate and now an actress living in Los Angeles, will be conducting a one-day acting workshop at The Reitz Theater later this month.

The Acting For Camera One-Day Workshop, with Glabicki, will be held Sunday, Dec. 19 from noon-3 p.m. for ages 11-14 and 3:30-6:30 p.m. for ages 15 and older.

Glabicki was born and raised in central Pennsylvania and is proud to call the DuBois theater home base.

She studied acting at Marymount Manhattan College, and shortly after school, moved to Los Angeles to begin a production company.

Glabicki has acted in commercials, professional theatre in New York and Los Angeles, and feature and short films.

She said she finds the most thrill from making her own work –currently she is in pre-production for a new short film, “Interitus Adfectus.”

Her short film, “Delos Reyes,” just won the Los Angeles Secret Movie Club Film Festival, and is currently screening in the Santa Clarita International Film Festival.

“I’m thrilled to be back at my home base sharing the tools I’ve learned in New York and LA,” said Glabicki. “Despite our town being small in size, it is massive in talent. I look forward to working first hand with this talent, and empowering kids in the area to follow their dreams.”

Growing up, Glabicki said she looked forward to any opportunity to take a class or workshop at the Reitz.

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“My year basically centered around the summer workshop,” she said. “To be able to give back to my community what it gave me –encouragement, a creative outlet, an opportunity to be myself –means the world to me.”

She said this workshop will be different from other workshops presented at the Reitz because it will be focused on acting for film and television.

“We’ll be looking at real scripts from shows on Disney, Nick, Netflix, and more, breaking them down, and learning how to approach this unique style of acting called acting for camera,” said Glabicki.

“The Cultural Resources is always looking for educational programming to add to our schedule of events as it is a part of our mission, which is to use the arts as a vehicle for self-discovery, and energizing the education of our citizens of all ages and for stimulation of intellectual curiosity and growth,” said Joe Sensor, Cultural Resources Inc. immediate past president. “Ella herself benefitted from this sort of programming during her time here, and I think it’s wonderful that she is giving back to the local arts community.”

In this one-day workshop, participants will learn believable acting for camera techniques from a professional film actress. It will begin with exercises to prep the voice, body, and imagination; then participants will dive into real film and TV scripts. Each participant will receive one-on-one coaching, and will receive a filmed copy of their coached scene. The class will close out with a Q&A on all things Hollywood.

“Prepare to have your horizons expanded, and to have fun,” said Sensor.

The cost is $20 per student. To register, visit www.reitztheater.com.

Email eglabicki@gmail.com for more information.

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