Knoxdale Area Little Free Library group

Becky Caylor, April Brosius, Ron Brosius, Lauren Wolfe and Dave Caylor, pictured from left, have all helped celebrate the Knoxdale Area Little Free Library and keep it open for the area children.

KNOXDALE — The Knoxdale Area Little Free Library held a three-year anniversary celebration on Saturday with a basket raffle, fun activities and reading buddies.

Becky Caylor said she was inspired to start the project after she retired. She had heard about other little libraries around the area, and found a passion for it herself.

“You start sharing ideas and how much you like reading and pass the books on,” Caylor said. “I thought, when I retire, I’m going to open up a little library, because I think it’s a sin not to pass your books on, and it really helps the kids.”

The little library has three containers of books, some for children and some for adults, encouraging reading at all ages. Caylor is always accepting book donations at her house on Witch Hollow Road. She keeps a big yellow box on the front porch.

The Knoxdale little library is located in the field of the Knoxdale United Methodist Church, and has benches for reading, and a playground nearby for children.

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“We’re going to set up a place at Colors of the Forest, at the campgrounds. We’re going to locate one there too because we have so many generous people,” Caylor said. “They have the store where you check in, and we’re going to have a four-tier bookcase there.”

Caylor also believes the time children spend with their parents reading to them is just as important as the reading itself. This is part of the reason she added the reading buddies, to give the children a little buddy to cuddle with while reading or being read too.

These buddies come from another woman who has a little free library in the Pittsburgh area, who heard about Caylor’s library. She reached out to her, and has been shipping her boxes of the reading buddies periodically.

She is also in contact with someone in Shippenville who has a little free library, and they help one another keep their books stocked. She said the network of little libraries is very connected to one another, making sure to encourage reading in everyone.

The only downside to the day was the cold and rainy weather, but that didn’t stop people from coming out to support the little library. Caylor said most parents and grandparents stopped out to enter the raffle and get a reading buddy bundle for their children.

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