Senior Tino Inzana (left) is pictured with Brockway Schools & Community Education Foundation’s Lisa Rutherford.

BROCKWAY — The annual Brockway Area Junior-Senior High School Artisan Market was the most-successful year in the program’s history.

The Artisan Market teaches entrepreneurship. The students submit a formal business plan, they get approval, make a business card, pitch the product, get an endorsement from a teacher, and simulate starting a small business in the real world. The top businesses got to choose where the money would be donated.

Tino Inzana was the top business owner, making laser-engraved drinking glasses. He donated $2,676 to the Brockway Schools & Community Education Foundation.

The Foundation provides extra educational opportunities to students in the Brockway Area School District. The Foundation is how Brockway has been able to offer college English and psychology courses, Advanced Placement courses in calculus, chemistry, biology, and social studies, and other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) enhancements to the curriculum. It is a nonprofit organization and is not funded by school taxes.

Second place Jacob Anderson and Matthew Clarke donated $1,804 to Brockway Analytical, who will use that money to help with the Toby Watershed. Callie Barber and Maria Hynds took third place, giving $1,302 to Hahne Cancer Center.

The Artisan Market brought it a total of $5,783. The previous year had $5,600 raised and the year before that came in at $5,400.

“Last year, all the money went to the same organization, so we had less competition,” Rachel Chamberlain, the teacher who organized the event, explained. “This year, the winners got to pick where their money went, so they really competed.”

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