Priority First makes donation to Brockway Foundation

Pictured from left are Superintendent Jeff Vizza, Business Manager Laurie Piccirillo, Foundation Director Lisa Rutherford, and Priority First’s Mark Pisarcik and Kayla Stockdale.

BROCKWAY — To commemorate its 50th anniversary, Priority First Federal Credit Union has been undertaking various acts of kindness to give back to its community. The Brockway Schools & Community Education Foundation received Act of Kindness Number 37.

“Lisa (Rutherford) had contacted me last year about giving to the Foundation,” Priority First’s Mark Pisarcik said, referring to the executive director of the Foundation. “We went back and forth a little bit, but we didn’t have it built in for last year, but as of this year, we wanted to help out.”

Priority First gave $400 to the Foundation. Pisarcik said they get a lot of requests and must decide which request to give to.

“It’s hard,” he said. “You can’t help everybody, but this is our hometown and our roots are here in Brockway.”

Giving to the community is important to Priority First’s 50th anniversary celebration. Kayla Stockdale, Priority First’s marketing manager, said that they discussed the idea for a while before settling on the 50 Acts of Kindness.

“We decided that we would do 50 Acts of Kindness throughout the year because we could do a lot with that,” she said. “Giving to the Foundation worked hand-in-hand with that, and it worked out that we could give to the schools.”

The Brockway Schools & Community Education Foundation pays for enrichment and enhancements that go beyond the regular K-12 public school curriculum. The Foundation focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math opportunities, commonly abbreviated as STEAM. The non-profit organization is funded through corporate grants, alumni donations, bequests, fundraising, and gifts, but is an independent entity from the school district and does not receive any taxpayer money through the school.

More information about the Foundation can be found at

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