REYNOLDSVILLE — The Reynoldsville Borough Council reviewed the proposed contract for the Marks’ property last week, discussing whether the borough wanted to go through with accepting the donation under the stipulations put forth by owners.

Borough Solicitor Joe Ryan drew up a “simple, one-page contract” that included the conditions and wording approved by the Marks.

“Laying out that it cannot be used for parking, that it would not be resold, and its use be limited to a public park or for a police station if you were to go that route,” Ryan said.

The Marks had already reviewed the paperwork and signed off on it, leaving only the council to have to approve or deny the conditions.

During discussion on the property located next to Mancuso’s on the corner of Main and Fourth streets, Council President Bill Cebulskie mentioned the possibility of a business wanting the property sometime in the future.

“If we have a business that would like to come in on our Main Street, I would hate to not be able to sell them that property,” Cebulskie said.

Ryan’s recommendation was that if a situation like that were to come along, it would be beneficial to the borough to approach the Marks to have that conversation. Cebulskie suggested having the conversation with them now before accepting the property.

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He and Councilmember Darren Scolese also made the point they will be losing the tax revenue on the property, and the borough would now have to maintain it.

“...but I mean, I think it’s a nice thing. It’d be nice to be in the borough’s hands, however, it’d be nice not to lose that tax revenue also, but you know it is what it is,” Scolese said. “Just go with it down the road, it’s not like we have businesses jumping in here.”

The council ultimately voted to accept the contract, and the property, from the Marks.

Spending freezeDuring the budget and finance report, Cebulskie said the borough needed to go into a spending freeze “with the situation we’re in.”

Later when asked about clarification for why the borough was enacting this freeze, Borough Secretary Jackie Dixon said the borough usually does a spending freeze during the last quarter.

“Just making sure the budget stays on budget,” Scolese said.

Meeting changeThe council also voted to change its work session to the first Monday of the month at 7 p.m. at the fire hall, and hold regular meetings on the third Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the fire hall.

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