"Shooting Heroin"

A movie entitled “Shooting Heroin” filmed in Clearfield and Centre County in the fall of 2018 was shown at the Reitz Theater in DuBois on Saturday night.

DuBOIS — A movie entitled “Shooting Heroin,” filmed in Clearfield and Centre County in the fall of 2018, premiered in DuBois Saturday night at the Reitz Theater.

The film tells the story about the opioid epidemic, “which is a crisis destroying the heart of America.” It is a story about how one small town has had enough, and they take justice into their own hands to eliminate heroin from the community by whatever means necessary.

Prior to the film’s screening, officers from the DuBois City Police Department, including officer Zayne Rhed, engaged with the audience to inform the public about the fight against the opioid epidemic locally and answer questions. Rhed also told the audience that the police department is in the process of getting a K9 police dog to assist with the fight against drugs and he will be the dog’s handler.

After the film was shown, director and producer Spencer T. Folmar, a native of Clearfield County, told the audience how he came up with the story.

Folmar was inspired to begin writing the film after visiting his home in Clearfield County about three years ago. He learned several of his classmates had died for reasons related to the opioid crisis and had his eyes opened to the epidemic in rural America.

“I think most of the country isn’t aware of just how bad the opioid epidemic is, and that’s why I made this, just to bring light to how bad this subject is,” Folmar said.

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There was also a question and answer period with Folmar following the film presentation at the theater and at the Gateway Cafe in DuBois.

It has taken three years since the original conception of the idea to the debut of the film. It was shown in a couple of other local theaters in Clearfield County, bringing in 1,000 people at one showing.

The movie itself was filmed about a year ago in Clearfield and Centre counties. Though the main cast is mostly from Hollywood, they had many extras from around the DuBois and surrounding areas, Folmar said.

Folmar thanked his hometown and everyone who made this film possible. He also expressed appreciation to everyone at the Reitz Theater for making it possible to have the showing in DuBois before the movie debuts nationally.

Folmar said the film tour continues Wednesday in Philadelphia, Friday in Altoona and Sunday in Lock Haven. The film screenings will then continue in New Jersey and Florida and other states in December and 2020.

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