ST. MARYS — Two long-term school directors were honored during Monday evening’s St. Marys Area School Board meeting.

School directors are being recognized by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association for eight years of service and above, said Superintendent Harley Ramsey.

Bryan Chiapelli was celebrated for 12 years of service to SMASD, and Stacy McKee, now the board president, was honored for eight years. Both were presented an “Honor Roll of School Board Service” certificate.

“I am extremely thankful to work with a professional board that keeps student learning at the center of their decisions,” said Ramsey. “Mrs. McKee and Mr. Chiapelli are model board members, who continue to serve selflessly, giving back to students, the school and the community.

“Their efforts, and those of every other member of the SMASB, reflect the vision and mission of our schools to provide world-class opportunities for every student.”

In other SMASD news

Lou Radkowski, former mayor of St. Marys, was also voted as the new Region 1 representative, replacing the vacant seat left by former board president Eric Wonderling.

Similarly to the September meeting, community members again spoke regarding their displeasure with the SMASD mask mandate, following the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s guidelines.

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“I continue to pursue the possibility of implementing a student-run manufacturing program,” said Ramsey. “Discussions are ongoing with the Northwest Industrial Resource Center and local industry representatives.

“The SMASD is committed to providing authentic opportunities for students to develop competencies that will prepare them for a variety of post-secondary goals in the military, college and industry.”

Students speak about cyber experience

Ramsey said that two students, Killian Ramsey and Maddie Blythe, spoke about their experience with the new SMASD “cyber commons model” at the meeting.

“The model allows students to choose online electives that align with their interests, and/or post-secondary goals,” Ramsey said.

Killian Ramsey is completing an ASL (American Sign Language) course, while Blythe, who intends to pursue a medical field career, is focusing on a nutrition course, he said. Ramsey mentioned that he is able to use what he has learned regularly with friends who are deaf or hard of hearing.

“Both commented on the flexibility of the virtual learning environment and that they appreciate having a catalog of options that align with their future interests,” Harley Ramsey said.

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