DuBOIS — The Spitzer family is welcoming Murray’s Ford-Lincoln and Murray’s Honda to their family of car dealerships, continuing their growth in the DuBois area.

Spitzer purchased the two dealerships located on the Blinker Parkway in DuBois on Oct. 19, according to Spitzer Management Chief Operating Officer Andrew Spitzer.

He noted that the two stores have been renamed Spitzer Ford-Lincoln DuBois and Spitzer Honda DuBois.

Last August, Spitzer acquired the former Johnson Motors and Johnson Subaru, located just 1 mile up on the Blinker Parkway.

Over the last year, “That’s when we got introduced to the DuBois community, and we’ve learned what an amazing area DuBois is,” said Spitzer.

So, Spitzer said, the decision was an easy one when the opportunity came about to add two more locations with great brands in the DuBois area.

Shortly after the purchase of the Johnson dealerships, Spitzer said they began talking with Greg Murray of Murray’s Ford-Lincoln and Murray’s Honda.

“That’s kind of how we began the conversation, and now we’re here, where we have a couple more stores in the Spitzer family,” he said.

Murray’s Family of Dealerships dates back to 1968, when it was founded by Harvey “Harv” Murray, and they have been run by the Murray family since.

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Spitzer is a fourth-generation family-owned business. It was started in 1904 in Grafton, Ohio, by George G. Spitzer and was later taken over by John Spitzer in the 1950s. John Spitzer grew the business to multiple locations in four states.

In the 1980s, John Spitzer turned over the daily operations to his son Alan and John’s brother Del where they continued to grow the Spitzer footprint to include locations from Ohio and Pennsylvania to Florida.

“The most important thing to know is while the name Spitzer is going to be on the building, all of the same friendly, familiar faces that the Murray’s customers have come to know over the past few decades are still going to be there. We’re keeping the same people,” said Spitzer. “I think Greg has done a great job in the past with building a team and building a business to be proud of and we just hope we can continue to honor what he’s done and maybe continue to grow a bit too. We look forward to earning the trust of our employees over the coming years.”

Spitzer Ford-Lincoln DuBois and Spitzer Honda DuBois employee approximately 100 people, he said.

“We also want to make sure people know that Spitzer is looking to be a part of the DuBois community, because that’s really important to us,” said Spitzer. “At the end of the day, we’re a family company. We’re a fourth-generation family business and we’re only as good as our communities.”

Spitzer also noted that Spitzer will still be selling new and pre-owned cars, and the manufacturers for the new cars will be Ford, Lincoln and Honda.

“That’s not changing. We’re just going to be bringing some of the additional benefits that all of our customers have,” said Spitzer. “For new cars, we do no additional costs, (there is also) lifetime powertrain warranty under our Spitzer Shield. We also have our own certified pre-owned program too. That way if you buy pre-owned, you have the peace of mind of having a warranty at no additional cost. We just want to make sure that people understand that they can purchase and service their cars without having to think twice.”

Even though inventory levels are the biggest challenge in the vehicle business currently, Spitzer said they have been able to “get creative and try and find ways to move forward, not just inventory, but quality inventory because we’re not the type of company to just buy a paper weight and slap some wheels on it and make it look good to go. We want our customer to have a good experience because we want you to come back and be our customer again.

“Inventory’s been a big challenge, but we’ve been in business since 1904,” said Spitzer. “We’ve made it through the Great Depression and the Great Recession and everywhere in between. We like to think we roll with the punches and we’re going to stick through this and we’re going to be here.”

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