Some work is “light work.” Then there is “heavy work.” Last month, I watched a construction crew replace a century-old main water line in downtown Brookville.

A couple of years ago, I created an email address to go along with this column. I decided that it might be nice to connect with the readers and see what they have to say about my writing.

Like many people, I have been transfixed by the awe-inspiring images from the James Webb Space Telescope. Currently sitting at L2, a distance roughly a million miles from Earth, the JWST, as NASA calls it, is giving us the clearest pictures of our universe, looking at distant – and ancient –…

My basement is very interestingly compartmentalized. The main family room is a cozy little sitting area and lined with beautiful real tongue-and-groove wood. My office is drywalled, as is the redone bathroom. The pantry is cinderblock.

In 79 years, I never really made the acquaintance of marijuana. But I now have a state-issued card allowing me to buy marijuana for medical purposes — if I decide to do so.

So there I sat on a sunny Saturday, the token registered Libertarian at a public political rally. The Constitutional Republican Party of Western Pennsylvania operates within the Republican Party, promoting its belief that the Constitution should be interpreted as its writers intended.