I am fortunate for my generation. Joy and I have been homeowners since we were first married. This is our third house together. Each house has taught me something new about being a man and being a homeowner, none more than this one.

Can we talk about how the law concerning abortion should work, without getting into whether abortion itself is acceptable or not?

As you know, I’m an educator. My dad, sister, and brother are educators, so you might call it the family business. My grandfathers both instilled the importance of education in me. You might argue that I have a vested interest in the improvement of education in American, and you would be right.

I would imagine most people try to find some sort of work-life balance, not just when the calendar turns to a new year.

I took some time to reread my column last year about the attempted coup on January 6, and I realized something important.

My earliest Christmas memory is of sneaking halfway down the stairs and sitting there spying on Santa’s helpers as they arranged gifts under the tree for the four of us children. I also remember being hustled back to bed as soon as I was discovered! I think I may have been five or six that C…