“Too damn many deer!” I yelled as I regained control of my car and my fight-or-flight reflex after the 7 p.m. near miss. It happened two weeks ago on Maplevale Road, just after I turned off Route 36, still inside the Brookville borough limits.

Why would the GPS device in my truck not recognize an address along Route 28 near Brookville? On the same day, an address along Route 36 also came back as “not found.”

It’s rare for my grandfather, who turns 80 next month, to get overly excited about much. So, it has been enjoyable to witness his rejuvenated energy since purchasing a new tractor earlier this year.

You know how you react when someone tries to tell you about something good that you can get for nothing? Right. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. That’s what I thought when a friend of mine told me about a program where someone would come to your house and replace any of your …

As I was reading over a few very entertaining responses in our “Kids Give Thanks” section found in today’s paper, it got me thinking.

I have a blogging side-gig, and, as November rolled around, I was plugging away at my responsibilities.

I see the outline of the scar through soap-grayed bath water. By now, it is as much an ordinary part of me as are my toes or elbows.