Last year as the world around us was being transitioned from calendar pages marked with 2019 into pages with 2020, our personal lives were being changed in many aspects, both personal as well as in professional that affected everything we attempted to do. And that included changes that revolved all around the Jefferson County Fair at Brookville. We all moved forward into January with the usual amount of optimism that would promise another great year at the fairgrounds – and then it all began to change.

For many years, the annual Jefferson County Fair had been announced for the third week of July which would have been the 19th to 25th. Prior to that time in 2020 there were a few early events already planned and written into the calendar such as a “Military Collectibles Show” by the Jefferson County Historical Society, and a Gun Bash by the High School Quarterback Club both of which were set up as indoor events in the Exhibit Buildings. Then there was a “Monsters of Rock Charity Concert” in the wide-open spaces outdoors; along with some “Trailblazers” events at the Horse Ring.

Then the rules were revised abruptly due to the spread of the pandemic and danger spreading among all of us with little chance of avoiding the virus. On the fairgrounds calendar, lines were quickly drawn through many line items with the printed words “CANCELED.” Some events did continue under great caution and care. As far as I ever heard, nobody died from the exposure. Maybe some unlucky people tested positive, and maybe some did get sick.

I made many trips to the fairgrounds over the year, but never when a real event was taking place. Wherever my wife and I went, we were never in a situation where we felt exposed to the virus and we came through well, even with attending our church once it was reopened to members after the first of the year wearing our masks and social distancing from other families.

But, what about the fairgrounds for 2021? So far there has been an indoor Gun Show in February that was well attended with another scheduled in May. A “Model Horse” Show is booked for today, several Horse Shows over the course of the summer, and even a couple of weddings and the usual accompanying festivities. Check the big sign in front of the fairgrounds on Route 28 for reminders or check for the Jefferson County Fair on our website or Facebook. Make sure you are looking at the fair from Pennsylvania, not from Boulder, Colorado, like the one who asked about having their PROM here!

The Fair Board has already scheduled several grandstand events for track entertainment this year. The first on the calendar would be the “Brookville Spring Nationals Demolition Derby” on May 8th as the beginning of a whole new tradition for this Mother’s Day weekend. Our publicity committee reminds everyone that the Jefferson County Fairgrounds has been a long-time favorite for demo drivers to compete in classes ranging from Youth to Pro Stock Full Size. This year advertises a total purse of $24,000 including a special “Raider Award” for the most aggressive driver in each class.

A complete menu of food and drinks will be available in a variety of stands beneath the grandstand that has over 5,000 seats. That will make it easy to follow those social distancing recommendations so come early to have your own choices for the best seats and come earlier than the 5 p.m. starting time and enjoy a relaxing supper on site. The grandstand will open at 3 p.m. Gate prices are $15 for adults; $10 for kids 6-12; with kids 5 and under free; an all-access Pit Pass is $30. Come out and enjoy the evening!

The very next weekend will be the return of the “Renegade Monster Trucks” to Brookville. We have seen many of these shows over the years, usually acting for a couple years and then off for a while so interest builds up for the next time. The Renegade Monster Trucks are the stars of the show. Be on hand to watch as they masterfully pilot their 12,000 lb. Monster Trucks, performing jaw-dropping stunts like wheelies, stoppies, donuts, and much more.

This year’s tour is also the only one around that features 1/3 scale Mini-Monster Trucks that compete in their own class for their own points and driven by kids who show off their best skills in obstacle course and freestyle competitions. Each event is sure to leave the audience in awe of the mechanical marvels doing a series of challenging and exciting performances. The gates will open at 4 p.m. to offer a Monster Truck Ride Experience followed by the show at 7 p.m. Gate prices will be $25 for adults; $15 for kids; Fun Zone & Track Party for $7; and rides for $15 with nice discounts offered in advance online.

Then on June 19th, the annual “Full Pull Truck & Tractor Pull” will return to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds under new ownership but with many performances by the old favorite competitors. Richard and Aimee Love are the new owners, and are residents of Scottdale, Pa., and their company named “Full Pull Productions” has been well known and respected in the pulling world for the last 27 years with their “Decision Maker” weight transfer machines. Aimee will be the president and CEO of the company while Richard will be the VP and director of Operations. It will continue to be a family run company with the couple’s children Olivia and Nick playing a role in many different ways, and a loyal workforce of some 30 men and women as the production team.

Details on the event are not finalized at this time but interested parties may continue to follow additions on the website for “Full Pull Productions” or our own website There are many other fun events on our calendar including the 2021 Jefferson County Fair itself during the week of July 18-24. We will look forward to having the presence of your company. Enjoy this year but please stay healthy.

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