I took some time to reread my column last year about the attempted coup on January 6, and I realized something important.

One year ago, thousands of people went to a rally, were fired up, and then unleashed on the Capitol. They livestreamed their attack. They prayed on video and posted it to the internet. They waved flags for their Dear Leader. They clashed with Capitol Police, who the “Back the Blue” crowd suddenly un-backed. They shared their motives live and on camera, which was not a false flag. They were then assisted by Fox News hosts, whose recently obtained text messages showed that the company knew who the attackers were, but they told their viewers the blatant lie that they were antifa rabble-rousers. The insurrectionists came home with trinkets from the Capitol, after videos showed them creepily walking through Congress saying, “Nancy! Where are you?” Some of them had zip ties and other methods of capture. Some may have intended to murder Vice President Mike Pence, which he may dispute, but Capitol Police is now pushing back against his hypocrisy and reminding him that they did everything they could to prevent him from being hanged on national television. Despite Tucker Carlson’s propaganda film claiming otherwise, this was an attack on America. American citizens did something the British, the Confederacy, and Al-Qaeda could not: they breached the Capitol.

And a disproportionate number of Americans are either okay with this or completely indifferent. Even as 727 people have been charged in this attack, many more are still out there proclaiming their attempt to overthrow their own government, and others are just shrugging it off.

And now we know that Republican members of Congress were even briefed on how to steal an election! Clearly knowing they were looking at seditionist material, these members of Congress ignored that, did not alert authorities, and some even tried to use the information they had. What’s more, many of those people are claiming that the other side has or will steal elections, even though they are the ones who did the stealing. This is called “projection.” Google it.

Besides, what’s the hurry? If you want to overthrow democracy in America, you just need to be patient.

You see, there are people patiently overthrowing American democracy right now, and they’re doing it through the evening news and right in public. They’re not even lying about their goals anymore.

Let me ask you if this sounds like you care about the will of the people?

  • One state is cutting polling places, including one county that wants to cut its places down to one location;
  • In places that have enacted fewer polling places (oddly in neighborhoods that tend to have minority groups), you can no longer give water or snacks to those who may be waiting in line all day;
  • Redrawing voting districts to circle voters you agree with but also freezing out ones you don’t;
  • Claiming the presidential election was rigged but supporting all down-ballot voting which, presumably, would be rigged, too;
  • Undermining the public’s faith in the election process despite all evidence that there was no widespread voter fraud.

Or how about this? Let’s put the attempts to undermine election in the words of the people themselves.

  • “The idea of democracy and majority rule really is what goes against our history and what the country stands for.”
  • “I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have.”
  • “Voter ID, which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania: done.”
  • “If Republicans don’t challenge and change the U.S. election system, there will never be another Republican president elected again.”

I’ll stop there since I’m rapidly approaching my maximum word count. And I want to reiterate that I’m not against securing our elections. I have written columns about how to make our elections more secure and easily auditable. There is a ton of evidence out there to support my suggestions, but those suggestions are not as useful for voter suppression, so they’re curiously absent from any voting reform bills.

No, I don’t fear that America will go to a full totalitarian state. I don’t think we have the attention span. I just fear that the majority of voters will be frozen out of their right to vote, and our two-party system will become a one-party system with a few outliers there to pretend we’re still a democracy (like Russia).

And that’s what January 6, 2021, heralded: the move from a democracy to a failed democracy. And one year later, we still haven’t learned the lesson.

I will be flying my flag on January 6 in honor of America enduring. And I will fly it every January 6 until I’m told to change it out with the new country’s flag.

Hopefully, I will get to fly my flag a very, very long time.

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Andrew Bundy is a husband, father, teacher, writer, and nerd., You can reach him at bundycolumn@gmail.com.

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