The November 2021 election is history. The voters in DuBois and Sandy have expressed their wishes to consolidate, and while some 42 percent of those who voted may not be pleased with the outcome, let's celebrate democracy and our right to vote. Let us also celebrate the healthy debate on the issue that led up to the election and our right to free speech. We are blessed to live in a country where we can exercise these rights.

And we are blessed to live in one community where the imaginary line separating us has finally dissolved. The new community has so much to offer and so much to be proud of. We finally get the opportunity to combine our talents and resources, plan together, grow together, and realize the economic benefits of a larger community with a more efficient government.

As members of the One Community Committee, we thank everyone who exercised their right to debate and vote. Our municipal leaders are now charged with the responsibility of developing a structure of a new government. We have great confidence that they will join in productive discussion, seek the necessary counsel and consultation, and exercise good judgment in the best interests of all of us who live in this new community.

It is an exciting time in our history. We have taken a giant leap forward for the benefit of generations to come. Thank you.

Jason Gray, Nancy Micks

Co-chairs of One Community Committee

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