I attended the Consolidation Meeting on October 12 at the Dubois Country Club. After studying the proposal (CITY OF DUBOIS AND SANDY TOWNSHIP CONSOLIDATION STUDY), I submitted two questions that were not addressed.

1. Without including expected Police and Personnel pay/ benefit changes, facility modifications/additions, and transition costs, how can the recommendation to adopt a change in governmental structure to be considered complete for approval?

Exclusion of these and possibly other items, overstates the expected tax savings.

Review of the HOME RULE IN PENNSYLVANIA Eleventh Edition | March 2020 document prompted the following question:

“Local governments without home rule can only act where specifically authorized by state law; home rule municipalities can act anywhere except where they are specifically limited by state law”. [Pg 2]

“Existing Pennsylvania (Home Rule) law grants all municipalities one of the broadest authorizations to tax found in any state under the terms of the Local Tax Enabling Act and the Sterling Act.” [Pg 60]

2. Please cite specific state laws that would prohibit Home Rule Governments from applying additional tax assessments on lake front, golf course, and gated community property.

I know the answer to both of those questions; I want to hear how those pushing this effort answer them.

This appears to be one of those governmental efforts where we need to pass a resolution so we can see what is in it.

That has worked so well in the past.

Steven K. Smith

Treasure Lake

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