I am writing this letter in regards to the upcoming District Judge election on November 2. As a DuBois native who recently moved home after a decade away, I have found this race to be both exciting and confusing. I am excited to see so many local citizens engaged in the election and the democratic process, but I am confused by the fact that people are debating who to vote for.

Taking all political bias out of the discussion (as should be the case with any judicial role), the qualifications of the candidates are not even comparable. Elliot Gelfand is a licensed Pennsylvania attorney with a strong knowledge of the PA Court System, laws and procedures. Yes, he previously clerked for a federal judge which is impressive, but what I think truly sets him apart is a want to make a difference in the community and the fact he has plans to make those positive changes.

The position of District Judge is important. Very important. The person who holds this office makes decisions that directly impact everyday citizens and an informed understanding of the law is necessary.

As the District Judge, Mr. Gelfand would have the knowledge and temperament to make the right decisions according to the law without any bias. On Election Day, I ask voters to select the candidate that is truly qualified, not the one that is playing partisan games.

On November 2, vote Elliot Gelfand for District Judge!

Frank Saldutte


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