I am so tired of partisan politics. The United States is supposed to be a representative democracy. I don't feel very represented. Instead of voicing their constituent's ideas and concerns, instead of actually governing, our elected officials are more concerned with winning. The constant tug of war between Democrats and Republicans have left The People without true representation.

I blame gerrymandering. Rigging district lines to maintain political power has created a system in which politicians are more worried about what their party leaders want than the citizens of their districts. Fixing gerrymandering won't fix all of our political problems, but I do not believe anything can change without passing real redistricting reform first.

FairDistrictsPA.com is a strictly non-partisan organization of volunteers seeking to take politics out of the drawing of Congressional and state legislative district boundaries. None of the elected state representatives or senators representing Clearfield County have responded to their "Know-Before-You-Vote" online survey (Google it). Of the candidates running, only Ryan Grimm, Jim Brown, Margie Brown, and Shaun Dougherty have answered the survey. All have supported redistricting reform.

That leads me to question whether our elected officials, and the other candidates running for office support legislation to ensure transparency, public input and clear, enforceable criteria for redistricting. It appears that they are content with the status quo. I'm urging my Clearfield County neighbors to ask all candidates running for office to complete the Fair Districts PA survey. We deserve to know where they stand before we vote!

Lauren Hopkins


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