Muggle, a beloved guinea pig, will be sadly missed by Sam, David and Charlotte Johnson. Muggle joined the family in 2019. Read more

Champaign - Rocky passed away in the summer of 1992. He was the childhood friend for the Jackson household. He was well loved, cared after the children, and will be dearly missed by all that knew him. Read more

Some people say crossing a black cat is bad luck, but the Warner family had the best of luck when they adopted Rebel from a local shelter. Read more

Lady, a golden retriever, recently took her last walk around the neighborhood. Read more

Mr. Whiskers, the vocal and lovable dog of Charles and Rachael Schading, passed away in 2017 but his indelible spirit lives on.  Read more

Smeagol, a 16-year-old hairless cat belonging to Joe and Hilary Smith, has passed over the rainbow bridge. Read more

King Louie, a St. Bernard owned by Annie and Paul Reed, recently passed away at age of 6. Louie left us too soon but will be remembered for his prodigious slobber and uncanny ability to sense a potato chip bag being opened from anywhere in the house. Read more

Mordecai, an African grey parrot owned by Sally Green, recently passed away after a long and pampered life. Mordecai joined the family as a baby and remained a steadfast and loyal friend for more than four decades. He was extremely talkative and had a vocabulary of more than 250 words. Read more