The District 9 Football League released its annual All-Star teams on Friday afternoon with award winners for all three of its divisions in the newly named Region 1, Region 2 and Region 3.

And, as its has been in previous seasons, the Tri-County Area was well-represented in all three divisions.

Six area players/coaches took home one of the major awards associated with the All-Stars while local teams had over 60 selections among the three regions — with many players being voted to those squads at multiple positions.

Region 1 saw Brookville’s Baily Miller win the Co-Offensive Lineman of the Year with St. Marys’ Waylon Wehner, while Flying Dutchmen teammate Alex Lukaschunis was named Defensive Lineman of the Year.

Elk County Catholic running back Noah Cherry was Offensive MVP in Region 3 as teammate David Anderson garnered both Co-Defensive MVP and Offensive Lineman of the Year honor. Crusaders head coach Tony Gerg was also tabbed as Coach of the Year.

Here is the full list of major award winners and All-Star teams for all three regions:


Offensive MVP: Jase Ferguson, Central Clarion

Defensive MVP: Ryan Hummell, Central Clarion

Co-Offensive Lineman of the Year: Baily Miller, Brookville

Co-Offensive Lineman of the Year: Waylon Wehner, St. Marys

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Alex Lukaschunis, St. Marys

Coach of the Year: Davey Eggleton, Central Clarion


Quarterback: Jase Ferguson, Central Clarion; Charlie Coudriet, St. Marys

Running Back/Slot Back: Zeke Bennett, Punxsutawney; Jackson Zimmerman, Brookville; Matthew Davis, St. Marys; Dalton Yale, DuBois.

Fullback: Justin Miller, Punxsutawney; Austin Henery, DuBois

Wide Receiver/Slot Back: Ashton Rex, Central Clarion; Brayden Kunselman, Brookville; Logan Mosier, St. Marys; Lucas Laktash, Bradford; Carter Chadsey, St. Marys.

Tight End: Tommy Smith, Central Clarion

Offensive Line: Matthew Grusky, Punxsutawney; Jimmy Kerr, Central Clarion; Waylon Wehler, St. Marys; Baily Miller, Brookville; Tyler Hutchison, Karns City; Zachary Gallagher, DuBois; Brock Nesselhauf, DuBois.


Defensive Line/Ends: Alex Lukaschunis, St. Marys; Coleman Slater, Central Clarion; Matt Grusky, Punxsutawney; Zachary Gallagher, DuBois; Jackson Zimmerman, Brookville; David Deccisino, Moniteau; Baily Miller, Brookville; Tyler Hutchison, Karns City

Linebackers: Ryan Hummell, Central Clarion; Matt Martino, Moniteau; Jack Knapp, Brookville; Dalton Yale, DuBois; Landon Martz, Punxsutawney; Matthew Davis, St. Marys; Lucas Wright, Karns City; Mason Nesbitt, Punxsutawney

Cornerback: Noah Peterson, Brookville; Nate Garing, Karns City; Ashton Rex, Central Clarion; Carter Chadsey, St. Marys

Safety: Brayden Kunselman, Brookville; Justin Miller, Punxsutawney; Brady Quinn, Central Clarion; Logan Mosier, St. Marys


Placekicker: Peyton Hetrick, Punxsutawney; Thomas Uckert, Central Clarion

Punter: Peyton Hetrick, Punxsutawney; Bryce Weaver, Brookville

Return Specialist: Ashton Rex, Central Clarion; Logan Mosier, St. Marys; Zach Kelly, Karns City


Cam-Ron Hays, DuBois – WR

Collin Reitz, St. Marys – WR

Hunter Stalker, Moniteau – RB


Offensive MVP: Kyle Nellis, Keystone

Defensive MVP: Blaine Moses, Port Allegany

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Miska Young, Port Allegany

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Miska Young, Port Allegany

Coach of the Year: Justin Bienkowski, Port Allegany


Quarterback: Brayden Fox, Brockway; Drew Evens, Port Allegany

Running Back/Slot Back: Kyle Nellis, Keystone; Noah Archer, Port Allegany; Jendy Cuello, Brockway; Ricky Zampogna, Kane

Fullback: Blaine Moses, Port Allegany; Aiden Sell, Keystone; Addison Plants, Kane

Wide Receiver/Slot Back: Aiden Ortz, Redbank Valley; Tyler Albright, Keystone; Alex Carlson, Brockway; Aiden Zimmerman, Ridgway; Tate Minich, Redbank Valley

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Tight End: Aaron Sorg, Ridgway

Offensive Line: Miska Young, Port Allegany; Landon Chalmers, Union/ACV; Reese Yahner, Brockway; Carson Neely, Port Allegany; Josh Beal, Keystone; Aaron Smith, Kane; Carson Rupp, Redbank Valley


Defensive Line/Ends: Brandon Ross, Redbank Valley; Miska Young, Port Allegany; Landon Chalmers, Union/ACV; Brock Champluvier, Keystone; Carson Neely, Port Allegany; Cole Henry, Keystone; Aiden Grieneisen, Brockway; Mike Card, Union/ACV

Linebackers: Blaine Moses, Port Allegany; Addison Plants, Kane; Seth Stewart, Brockway; Caden Adams, Redbank Valley; Aiden Sell, Keystone; Tanner Guaglianone, Brockway; Peyton Stiles, Port Allegany; Ryan Pelchy, Smethport

Cornerback: Mason Clouse, Redbank Valley; Noah Archer, Port Allegany; Matthew Brubaker, Brockway; Tate Minich, Redbank Valley

Safety: Drew Evens, Port Allegany; Aiden Ortz, Redbank Valley; Tyler Albright, Keystone; Dane Anderson, Kane


Placekicker: Owen Clouse, Redbank Valley

Punter: Braylon Button, Port Allegany; Baily Crissman, Union/ACV

Return Specialist: Tyler Albright, Keystone; Luke Zimmerman, Ridgway



Cole Bish, Redbank Valley – Linebacker

Elijah Will, Keystone – Linebacker

Dylan Hanna, Brockway – WR


Offensive MVP: Noah Cherry, Elk Co. Catholic

Co-Defensive MVP: Xander Brown, Coudersport

Co-Defensive MVP: David Anderson, Elk Co. Catholic

Offensive Lineman of the Year: David Anderson, Elk Co. Catholic

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Kyle Dunn, Coudersport

Coach of the Year: Tony Gerg, Elk Co. Catholic


Quarterback: Andrew Schenfield, Otto-Eldred

Running Back/Slot Back: Ethan Ott, Coudersport; Noah Cherry, Elk Co. Catholic

Fullback: Xander Brown, Coudersport; Tanner Pettingill, Bucktail

Wide Receiver/Slot Back: Manning Splain, Otto-Eldred; Braylon Fantaski, Bucktail; Jackson Moss, Coudersport

Tight End: Joe Tettis, Elk Co. Catholic

Offensive Line: Cooper Rossman, Coudersport; David Anderson, Elk Co. Catholic; Isaac Shaw, Otto-Eldred; Landen Farren, Cameron County; Matt Lobdell, Sheffield


Defensive Line/Ends: Johnny Green, Bucktail; Nick Streich, Cameron County; Jesop Farabaugh, Cameron County; Kyle Dunn, Coudersport; Lucas Grunewald, Elk Co. Catholic; Braxton Caldwell, Otto-Eldred

Linebackers: Eyan Smith, Cameron County;Jameson Britton, Cameron County; Viggo Brown, Coudersport; Brody Pentz, Bucktail; Isaac Dellaquila, Elk Co. Catholic; Hunter App, Otto-Eldred

Cornerback: Jake Narby, Cameron County; Cam Klebacha, Elk Co. Catholic

Safety: Blaze Maholic, Otto-Eldred; Frankie Smith, Elk Co. Catholic


Placekicker: Dylan Howard, Coudersport

Punter: Shawn Geci, Elk Co. Catholic

Return Specialist: Ray’Shene Thomas, Otto-Eldred



Colby Barr, Sheffield – QB/Punter

Maddox Baughman, Cameron County – QB/Punter

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