DuBOIS — Rivals DuBois and Clearfield split a meet in the pool Friday night night at DuBois Area High School.

The Lady Beavers pulled out a hard fought 94-86 victory, while on the boys’ side the visiting Bison won all 12 events en route to a lopsided 110-63 triumph.

“It was a solid night of swimming coming out of Christmas break,” said DuBois coach Michael Gressler. “They put in a ton of work over break, and tonight we saw results from that work.”

The DuBois girls won eight of the 12 events, with the duo of Abby Dressler and Sidney leading the charge with four wins each. Olivia Dressler, Dru Javens and Abby Frano all had two wins a piece to play key roles in beating the Lady Bison.

The Lady Beavers won all three relays, with the quartet of Beers, Frano, Javens and Abby Dressler teaming up to touch the wall first in both the 200 (1:48.18) and 400 (3:59.52) relays. DuBois won the 200 relay by more than four seconds and the 400 by more than 13 seconds.

The team of Delaney Lingenfelter, Olivia Dressler, Lexi Nissel and Emma Frano opened the meet with a victory in the 200 medley relay, besting the Lady Bison by just over a second with a time of 2:09.15.

Individually, Abby Dressler easily won the 200 (2:02.40) and 500 (5:31.89) freestyles, while Beers did the same in the 50 (25.52) and 100 (56.36) freestyles.

The biggest win of the night came from sophomore Olivia Dressler in the 100 breaststroke, which is the final individual event of a swim meet.

The Lady Beavers and Lady Bison were tied at that point, and the younger Dressler gave her squad a huge boost when she led start to finish to best Claearfield’s Hannah Salvatore-Trinidad by .75 seconds, 1:20.05-1:20.80. Dressler’s time was the best of her career in the event.

Older sister Abby Dressler (senior) and the 400 relay squad then finished off the team win to close out the night.

Olivia Dressler also enjoyed a strong swim in the 200 IM, posting a 2:36.48 to place second behind Clearfield’s Emma Quick, who was the Lady Bison’s lone double winner. She also took home the 100 backstroke (1:10.57).

The Lady Beavers also got second places from Javens (500) and Lingenfelter (100 backstroke) and thirds from Javens (200), Abby Frano (50, 100), Nissel (100 butterfly), Nicole Wells (100 backstroke). Lingenfelter was just .29 seconds behind quick in the 100 back.

“Olivia Dressler had a really good night,” said Gressler. “Her 200 IM was a personal best and just off of the district cut, but it was in the 100 breaststroke that she really shined. The meet was tied at that point and we really needed to do well in the breaststroke. She took the lead right off the start and never gave it up. It was a great swim, her best time, and set us up going into the final relay.

“Olivia wasn’t the only one who had a good night. Dru Javens was solid in her events, especially the 500, while Delaney Lingenfelter and Nicole Wells both had great 100 backstrokes.

“This was a full team win. Everyone had a job to do and they did it. I’m proud of the entire team.”

Over on the boys’ side, Clearfield’s Leif Hoffman (200 free, 100 back), Connor Morgan (200 IM, 100 fly) and Nick Vaow (50 free, 100 free) all won two individual events and each were part of two winning relays.

Individually, Beavers Joda Fenstermacher (200 free, 100 back) and Jaedon Yarus (50 free, 100 free) each had a pair of runner-up finishes, while Christian Roemer was second in the 100 breaststroke and Connor McAllister second in the 500 free.

DuBois also got third places from Roemer (200 IM), Kolton Gwizdala (100 butterfly), Mitchell Drahushak (100 backstroke) and McAllister (100 butterfly).

“On the boys side, Joda Fenstermacher had a great night,” said Gressler. “He really went after it in the 200 freestyle against Leif (Hoffman), and although he couldn’t hold the lead he built in the first half, he had his lifetime best swim. It was a gutsy swim and he learned a lot in that race.

“Both Jaedon Yarus’ 50 freestyle and Christian Roemer’s 100 breaststroke were their bests outside of district competition.

“We face Clearfield again next month, and they’ll be ready. They were missing some swimmers due to illness and just one person in one race can change the entire meet. They are very well coached and are always ready.


DuBois 94, Clearfield 86

200 Medley Relay: 1. DuBois (Delaney Lingenfelter, Olivia Dressler, Lexi Nissel, Emma Frano), 2:09.15.

200 Free: 1. Abby Dressler, D, 2:02.40. 2. Struble, C. 3. Dru Javens, D.

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200 IM: 1. Emma Quick, C, 2:32.67. 2. O. Dressler, D. 3. Bender, C.

1-meter Diving: Dehlia Elbe, C, 174.75. 2. Cutler, C, 102.80.

50 Free: 1. Sidney Beers, D, 25.52. 2. Cline, C. 3. A. Frano, D.

100 Butterfly: 1. Marlayna Bender, C, 1:12.92. 2. Salvatore Trinidad, C. 3. Nissel, D.

100 Free: 1. Sidney Beers, D, 56.36. 2. Cline, C. 3. A. Frano, D.

500 Free: 1. Abby Dressler, D, 5:31.89. 2. Javens, D. 3. Riley Vaow, C.

200 Free Relay: 1. DuBois (Sidney Beers, Abby Frano, Dru Javens, Abby Dressler), 1:48.18.

100 Backstroke: 1. Emma Quick, C, 1:10.57. 2. Lingenfelter, D. 3. Nicole Wells, D.

100 Breaststroke: 1. Olivia Dressler, D, 1:20.05. 2. Salvatore Trinidad, C. 3. Danna Bender, C.

400 Free Relay: 1. DuBois (Sidney Beers, Abby Frano, Dru Javens, Abby Dressler), 3:59.52.


Clearfield 110, DuBois 63

200 Medley Relay: 1. Clearfield (Leif Hoffman, Hunter Cline, Connor Morgan, Derrick Mikesell), 1:46.97.

200 Free: 1. Hoffman, C, 1:51.54. 2. Joda Fenstermacher, D. 3. Mikesell, C.

200 IM: 1. Morgan, C, 2:15.63. 2. Cline, C. 3. Christian Roemer, D.

1-meter Diving: 1. Keegan McDonald, C, 243.25. 2. Nick Unch, C, 189.45.

50 Free: 1. Nick Vaow, C, 22.98. 2. Jaedon Yarus, D. 3. Tyler Olson, C.

100 Butterfly: 1. Morgan, C, 58.16. 2. Olson, C. 3. Kolton Gwizdala, D.

100 Free: 1. Vaow, C, 51.50. 2. Yarus, D. 3. Keegan McDonald, C.

500 Free: 1. Cline, C, 5:39.36. 2. Connor McAllister, D. 3. Lucas Scott, C.

200 Free Relay: 1. Clearfield (Vaow, Mikesell, Olson, Hoffman), 1:33.88.

100 Backstroke: 1. Hoffman, C, 57.31. 2. Fenstermacher, D. 3. Mitchell Drahushak, D.

100 Breaststroke: 1. Mikesell, C, 1:09.43. 3. Roemer, D. 3. McAllister, D.

400 Free Relay: 1. Clearfield (Morgan, Olson, Cline, Vaow), 3:36.32.

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