BRADFORD — The DuBois swimming teams made the long trip up Route 219 to Bradford Wednesday night and came home with a pair of lopsided victories.

DuBois won all 21 events contested — there was no diving or boys 400 freestyle relay held — with the Lady Beavers winning 126-36 victory and the Beavers 111-20.

“Some people swim really well at Bradford, some don’t respond well to the long trip,” said DuBois coach Michael Gressler. “That’s why tonight I asked our swimmers to focus on racing and working the details of their swims.

“We’re about a month out from our last regular season competition so there is little time to work on the fine points. If you had a good time that is great, be proud of that. If you didn’t, ask yourself why you didn’t and what you will do differently next time.”

The Beavers were led by Kolton Gwizdala, who collected four first places, and the quartet of AC Deemer, Kaedon Yarus, Christian Roemer and Joda Fenstermacher who all were triple winners.

Deemer, Roemer, Gwizdala and Yarus teamed up to open the meet with a win in the 200 medley relay (1:57.76), while Fenstermacher replaced Roemer on the Beavers’ winning 200 free relay squad (1:40.21).

Gwizdala picked up individual wins in the 100 butterfly (1:01.02) and 100 backstroke (1:06.22), while Deemer touched the wall first in the 100 free (59.61) while adding a third in the 50 free.

Roemer won a pair of individual events — the 200 IM (2:28.73) and 100 breaststroke (1:12.01) — while Yarus placed first in the 50 free (25.18) and fourth in the 100 free. Fenstermacher took home both the 200 (1:54.72) and 500 (5:20.02) freestyles.

Connor McAllister added a pair of individual runner-up finishes in the 200 IM and 500 freestyle, while teammate Riley Robertson (100 free) and Tiago Chichava (100 backstroke) also posted second-place finishes.

DuBois got thirds from Mitchell Drahushak (200 free, 100 butterfly), Andrew Mottern (100 backstroke) and Robertson (100 breaststroke).

“Connor McAllister probably had the best day on the boys side tonight,” said Gressler. “He had two best times, dropping 17 seconds in his 200 IM. I hope he continues to work on his technique as much as he has going into tonight. Kolton (Gwizdala) looked like his butterfly is getting into form, and Riley Robertson posted some new bests as well.”

Over on the girls’ side, the Dressler sisters — Abby and Olivia — each won four events, with Sidney Beers and Dru Javens taking home three firsts.

The Lady Beavers won all three relays with different lineups.

The Dresslers, along with Javens and Beers opened the meet with a win in the 200 medley relay (2:04.63), while the Dresslers and Beers teamed up with Abby Frano to take home the 200 freestyle relay (1:51.00).

Javens closed out the meet with a win in the 400 free relay, swimming with Gabby Horner, Meridith Selby and Nicole Wells to post a time of 4:35.54.

Abby Dressler added individual wins in the 200 (2:03.27) and 100 (57.28) freestyles, while younger sister Olivia won the 200 IM (2:37.25) and 500 free (6:22.07).

Beers was tops in the 100 butterfly (1:11.22) and added a second in the 200 free. Javens touched first in the 50 free (28.87) to go along with a second in the 100 buttefly.

The Lady Beavers also got individual victories from Delaney Lingenfelter (100 backstroke, 1;12.08) and Emma Frano (100 breaststroke, 1:29.14).

DuBois also got individual second-place finishes from Emma Frano (200 IM) and Maria Buskirk (100 breaststroke) and thirds by Buskirk (200 IM), Lexi Nissel (100 butterfly), Abby Frano (100 free), Honer (500 free) and Wells (100 backstroke).

“Maria Buskirk had a good night in the 200 IM and 100 breaststroke,” said Gressler. “She’s very dedicated and had two really solid swims. She’s a leader in practice and shows up ready to work.”

DuBois returns to action next Friday (Feb. 4) when it hosts Bradford.



200 medley relay –1. DuBois (Abby Dressler, Olivia Dressler, Dru Javens, Sidney Beers), 2:04.63; 2. DuBois; 3. DuBois.

200 freestyle –1. Abby Dressler (D), 2:03.27; 2. Beers (D); 3. Nuzzo (B); 4. Selby (D)..

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200 IM –1. Olivia Dressler (D), 2:37.25; 2. E. Frano (D); 3. Buskirk (D).

50 freestyle –1. Dru Javens (D), 28.87; 2. Evers (B); 3. Fitzsimmons (B).

1-meter diving –1. not contested.

100 butterfly –1. Sidney Beers (D), 1:11.22; 2. Javens (D); 3. Nissel (D).

100 freestyle –1. Abby Dressler (D), 57.28; 2. Nuzzo (B); 3. A. Frano (D); 4. Reitz (D).

500 freestyle –1. Olivia Dressler (D), 6:2207; 2. Whitlow (B); 3. Horner (D); 4. Cornelius (B).

200 freestyle relay –1. DuBois (Sidney Beers, Abby Frano, Olivia Dressler, Abby Dressler), 1:51; 2. DuBois; 3. Bradford.

100 backstroke –1. Delaney Lingenfelter (D), 1:12.08; 2. Whitlow (B); 3. Wells (D); 4. Galiczynski (D).

100 breaststroke –1. Emma Frano (D), 1:29.14; 2. Buskirk (D); 3. Cornelius (B); 4. Selby (D).

400 freestyle relay –1. DuBois (Dru Javens), Gabby Horner, Selby Meridith, Nicole Wells), 4:34.54; 2. Bradford; 3. DuBois.



200 medley relay –1. DuBois (AC Deemer, Christian Roemer, Kolton Gwizdala, Jaedon Yarus), 1:57.76; 2. DuBois.

200 freestyle –1. Joda Fenstermacher (D), 1:54.72; 2. Haight (B); 3. Drahushak (D); 4. Mottern (D).

200 IM –1. Christian Roemer (D), 2:28.73; 2. McAllister (D).

50 freestyle –1. Jaedon Yarus (D), 26.18; 2. Bell (B); 3. Deemer (D); 4. Hook (D).

1-meter diving –1. not contested.

100 butterfly –1. Kolton Gwizdala (D), 1:01.02; 2. Bell (B); 3. Drahushak (D); 4. Jarus (D).

100 freestyle –1. AC Deemer (D), 59.61; 2. Robertson (D); 3. Caruso (B); 4. Chichava (D).

500 freestyle –1. Joda Fenstermacher (D), 5:20.02; 2. McAllister (D).

200 freestyle relay –1. DuBois (Jaedon Yarus, AC Deemer, Kolton Gwizdala, Joda Fenstermacher), 1:40.21; 2. DuBois.

100 backstroke –1. Kolton Gwizdala (D), 1:06.22; 2. Chichava (D); 3. Mottern (D).

100 breaststroke –1. Christian Roemer (D), 1;12.01; Haight (B); 3. Robertson (D).

400 freestyle relay –1. not contested.

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