ORCHARDVILLE – Robinson’s Greenhouse and Farm Market, a fixture along Route 28/66 in Armstrong County for many years, built a new and much larger store last winter. The move proved to be a smart one, as business has been booming in 2021.

Karen Shearer, one of the owners, is more than pleased with the results.

“Last year, we were facing making repairs to our old original store,” she said. “After some thought, we came to the conclusion that building a bigger and newer store made more sense.”

The result is a spacious 1,800-square-foot retail building with more than enough floor space and shelving to showcase both produce and jarred foods. On Tuesday, the store’s long front porch was lined with seasonal chrysanthemums.

“I just love it,” Shearer said. “We have been able to expand not only the jams, pickles and honey that we carry, but also many gift items that we have started to carry.”

Shearer said that her daughter, Heather, manages the store most of the time but is away on her honeymoon.

On Tuesday morning, Shearer herself was at the produce auction in Belknap.

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Brenda McDannell, assistant manager and the only employee who is not a member of the owners’ family, took a moment the day after Labor Day to talk about the business.

“This past weekend was kind of crazy-busy,” she said. “In fact, the past couple of weeks have been like that, and we do not mind a bit.”

The produce display tables were a little bare on Tuesday morning, emptied by customers seeking cantaloupes, watermelons and tomatoes for their final picnics of the summer. The contents of the display cooler were sparse, awaiting a delivery from Ritchie’s Dairy.

Shearer’s trip to the produce auction would bring fresh fruits and vegetables to fill up the empty tables.

She said, “We are coming to the end of our season this year as the local farmers finish their harvests. There will be less and less available at the auction. But we are looking forward to pumpkin season with all its corn, gourds and winter squash.”

During the season, Robinson’s Greenhouse and Farm Market is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week.

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